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May 24, 2009

Ross Fisher


Q. Reflect on a day where you shot 64, gave it absolutely everything and still came up one shy.
ROSS FISHER: Yes, obviously disappointed, but hey, I couldn't really give it anymore than what I did today. I played some great golf. Fortunately I holed a few putts and made some really good saves at key times, and you know, into the back nine, thought if I can just make a few more birdies, put Paul under a bit of pressure, I've got a chance.
I had a great putt on 17 for birdie, and then 18, hit a great rescue and probably the best cut 3-wood of my life, you see out there, probably 15 feet and probably hit the best putt I've hit all day, and just stayed high.
But 64, what more can I ask for? Paul was a great champion. I witnessed his golf the first two days and knew he was going to be tough to beat. Obviously to come up one shy is disappointing, but hey, it's a great week for myself.

Q. Were you watching the boards on the back nine; how were the emotions coming down the stretch?
ROSS FISHER: I felt pretty calm. I felt under control. Felt like I knew where the ball was going. I was hitting the right shots at the right time.
You know, I said to Adam on the range when we were loosening up getting ready for the playoff, he said to be honest, if there was one shot that I might say that I probably would hit over again, we would probably hit 3-wood off the 4th. But apart from that, we played flawless golf.
You know, so what more can I say? 64, probably one of the best rounds I've ever shot, and you know, just walking up 18 with Rory, hearing that reception, it was pretty close. I had to try and control myself a little bit; that was a very important putt to hit.
Wasn't meant to be, but still a great week and I'll take a lot of positives from it.

Q. How much confidence going into the defence of The European Open next week?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, definitely, massive confidence. The game is in pretty decent shape. Obviously great to come off the back of a 64 and finishing second in our Flagship Event, you can't do much better than that.
So I'm looking forward to next week. Going to have a couple of days' rest and head down probably Tuesday afternoon, do a little practice, play the Pro-Am, and hopefully I can put in the same performance I have in week and put a great defence next week.

Q. What did you think it might take, 64, or something of that ilk?
ROSS FISHER: I knew it was going to have to take something special. I mean, what was I, how many behind I was going into the last round, what was Paul going into the last round, 13? And I was 8.
It's difficult to say. You go out there wanting to shoot the best possible score and I knew for Paul, he was going to go out and probably shoot in the 60s, he was playing that good Thursday, Friday. So I thought, well, if he's going to do that, I'm going to have to go semi-low. And 64, can't go too much lower.

Q. Your lowest competitive round here?
ROSS FISHER: My lowest competitive round here. It was a great round. It just would have been nice for that one to drop on 18, but you know, wasn't meant to be, and 64 was one shy.
You know, 17 and 18, they are not gimmie birdies and you've still got to step up to the plate and you've still got to hit quality shots on 17 and 18. 17, probably slightly easier than 18, because you can just step up there and rip a driver, and then you're coming in with a fairway or an iron; whereas 18, you can't hit driver. 3-wood is kind of out of the question, unless you cut it, so I've had to hit a rescue off the tee, and then cut a 3-wood in there. So probably two of the best shots I've ever hit and probably the best putt I hit all day, and unfortunately just stayed high.

Q. Wipes out the memory of two years ago?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, definitely, definitely.

Q. 64 against 84.
ROSS FISHER: There's not really any comparison there, is there.

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