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May 24, 2009

Jeff Sluman


Q. Can you comment on your round today?
JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah, I just, I've been talking the last couple days I didn't hit it well and today I actually struck the ball pretty good. I wasn't going to beat Michael anyway. First and foremost, he played fantastic. Tom and I mentioned it at the end of the day how well he did play. I mean he just drove it crazy. It was well deserved for him to win.
I just got off to a pad start, basically I hit 16 greens and didn't make a birdie. And I had 37 putts. You're going to finish right about where I did about 3-over par for the round doing that. I hit the ball very well and was very, very pleased with that, but just didn't have tonight greens today.

Q. Are you disappointed at all with your play here throughout the week?
JEFF SLUMAN: Oh, not really. I didn't like the way in the middle two rounds the way I actually physically hit the ball, but I scored well and I still was actually hitting a lot of greens, just wasn't really comfortable off the tee. And I got that straightened out today. When you're not playing well, and you're still in contention and got a chance to win tournament, you got to be very happy.

Q. Is there anything you're going to work on after this?
JEFF SLUMAN: No, it's situational stuff that happens, meaning I, you can work on your putting all you want, but until you're under the heat, that's when you find out if when you're working on is fine.
I'll probably go out tomorrow and work on the stroke a little and but, no, the greens were very difficult here and seemingly today I either hit it like two or three feet short or five or six, eight feet long. So it wasn't like I was trying to do that. I was trying to make them. But I wasn't the only one who was a little befuddled by the greens.

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