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May 24, 2009

Chris Starkjohann


Q. Chris, talking with Traci, the story gets more and more surreal, a little more Cinderella like. She said that you came up from Alabama, not even certain, no guarantee that you were playing.
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: That's correct.

Q. Just a lot of things going on at home that it would have been nice to have played and made a check, and now here you are with a potential top-10 finish.
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: It's awesome. I went to Alabama with -- you know, I broke my wrist in 2007, so I had a hard 2008. Sos it wasn't very good financially. But, you know.

Q. She also said that the mindset was completely different not, in the sense that this was a Major Championship, but that your nerves didn't treat it like a Major Championship, you were calm.
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: You know, I have probably it's been the most calmest week in the 30 years I've been playing. There's no answer to that. It's unbelievable.

Q. So what are you going to take away from this week? Outside of a pretty good check and a nice crystal trophy there?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Well, I'm hoping to keep it going for another 20 years. You know. Probably about another month or two hopefully.
I'm going to try and play Des Moines next week and Austin and then I was going to look at the schedule and see where we were financially and all that. So we still got our business at home, we have a tee time service, so that's still, that still has to be done. But it's just, the goal is still to play. Always has been. Just work gets in the way sometimes.

Q. Did you do you have any thought did you give any thought today to the idea of getting that crystal of being the low club professional?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: I didn't think about it because I know James Blair is a good player, Bill Britton. I had some guys behind me and if I didn't play solid I was going to let it slip a way. So I, yes, I was tried to focus on making pars and hitting fairways, greens, and putts.
So I told my wife, I said, you know, I missed the green on 2, and I said, I'm leading putter this week, why am I just not trying to hit the green. Because I'm averaging about 1.5 putts. I said, come on, let's finish this strong. You can't not think that, but you try not to very often. You just don't dwell on it.

Q. What's been the buzz back home?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Well, I've gotten a lot of, you know, phone calls from people that I don't even know. I'm like, who is this? I can't remember who that is. So it's been awesome and it's just a good feeling.

Q. The Champions Tour has always been a sort of a tour of a mixed chapter in a person's life or career. It's like second chances for people; and the people coming from club professional ranks, like Tom Wargo and others, it's been a terrific boost. How do you vision the next few years for you now?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Well, you know, I'm just going to see where God takes me and if it's there, it's there. And if it's back to work at home, it's there too. So it's a day-to-day thing. Just pray it forward and see what he calls.

Q. Do you think Victoria is going to ask you any questions about the round today?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: She probably will. She will probably say, good playing, Chris.

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