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May 24, 2009

Jay Haas


Q. You said Wednesday you were going to a Billy Joel concert. Did you like that?
JAY HAAS: We did. Yeah.

Q. Did you enjoy it?
JAY HAAS: We really did enjoy it. Yeah. We didn't stay for the whole -- I didn't know when it was over.

Q. Oh, not until like 11 o'clock.
JAY HAAS: Because we left about 10:20, just thinking that it's going to be after midnight by the time we get back to the room. So we saw about seven or eight of Billy Joel's songs and it was awesome. We wanted to stay, but we just still kept looking at the clock and saying, I got to go.

Q. Yeah. Okay. Now you had an eagle on 15?
JAY HAAS: Right.

Q. Can you give me the specifics on that?
JAY HAAS: I hit one of my best drivers and probably as good a 3-wood as I can hit it and it went -- I don't know, it had to come awfully close from going in in two. And it went by about three feet and I made that. So it was a real bonus.

Q. Now from coming from being the champion last year, is this a disappointment at all?
JAY HAAS: Absolutely. Yeah. I am disappointed. I played well or scored well on the weekend. Just didn't do what I had to do early on in the week to kind of stay right there and have a chance.
Yeah, I'm disappointed. I felt like this was a good course for me and I did some good things though on the weekend, so I'm encouraged for the next couple weeks and the rest of the summer.

Q. Where are you going after this?
JAY HAAS: We're in Des Moines next week, then Austin, then we have a few weeks off. I'm going to play one tournament in a month in that stretch there. And then we have our British Senior Open and U. S. Senior Open back to back there in July. So looking forward to those.

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