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May 24, 2009

Dave Stockton


Q. Just wanted to get quick thoughts. A little bit different Sunday walk than the last time you were here?
DAVE STOCKTON: Yeah, the people weren't nearly as friendly.

Q. What did you think of the setup, now that you got 72 holes under your belt, did you prefer it the old way, did you like it the way the PGA had it setup this week?
DAVE STOCKTON: The golf course is in immaculate condition. I thought the greens were better, I thought the fairways were the best I've ever seen.
I thought that the rough was a little bit over the top. Even the strong hitters a lot of times were just chipping out. I don't think they need that, but that, you know, but it was a fair test. Boy, if you missed in the rough, you knew what you had.
No, it was, all in all, I thought it was a great test. I just enjoyed -- I mean it's a little confusing to me with them changing the routes on stuff, but once I got handle on that, I enjoyed it. I mean it was a really good competition.

Q. You really had to be patient out there this week and really wait for your scoring chances.
DAVE STOCKTON: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because the greens are so hard, if you land -- some are, some aren't, but you really had to keep the ball below the holes. The PGA did a great job setting it up.
Like the 8th hole, basically they have no pin placement on that hole. And they kept it down below. Because when we're playing the practice round we're going, okay, now, where in the heck can they put the pin other than down here. And they didn't. They just bit the bullet. So, no, it was a good setup.

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