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May 23, 2009

Nick Dougherty


Q. You must be delighted with that today?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, I am. I'm very pleased with how I played. I didn't play quite so well the first two rounds.
I think it was a little bit of a hangover from Ireland perhaps with playing in the wind, but that was much, much better today. A little disappointing to only finish five to be honest. I was hoping to at least get to eight with four to play.
But you know, got to see what we can get and I was very pleased to hit the ball better and it's a good score to move me up. Never know might move me into striking distance for tomorrow.

Q. You've put yourself in the mix for tomorrow.
NICK DOUGHERTY: Depends what Paul does. There's some great players up there, it's a great tournament. Depends what they do today. I had in my mind, if I got to 12. I would have a chance with two rounds to go. Six and six, I should have done at least that today. So it's feasible I could have done that. I was too far back after two rounds to have complete control of the situation, but you never know, stranger things have happened.

Q. Pleased with how you played?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, very pleased with how I've played. Last week was great to get a good result. It's been quite a while.
And it's been a bit of a struggle but it's nice to be -- the game is coming a little easier to me again which is always a good sign and even when I'm not quite playing well, still level par around a course like this, I don't really struggle. That's a good sign. That's what I was doing when I was playing well and was getting results even when I was not playing my best. Obviously a great time of the year to start playing better again.

Q. It's your birthday tomorrow, what a present a BMW PGA Championship would be.
NICK DOUGHERTY: It would be nice. I would love to win this one at some stage in my career. At whatever stage it is, I don't really mind as long as I get one. It would be great tomorrow but one shot at a time.

Q. Is the course easier?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I haven't really seen what the scoring is like. I don't think it's as windy, makes it quite a bit easier. Less feet on the greens obviously makes it easier, because they are quite soft at the moment.
But yeah, you know, I just think it's more scorable. I wouldn't say the flags are much easier, at all, just a little bit less wind. Also especially the guys this morning, we know that we have to play quite aggressive, so I'm sure there's a bit of a mixed bag of some good scores and bad scores this morning. I think that's the only reason for it.

Q. Are you in the U.S. Open?
NICK DOUGHERTY: No, I'm qualifying. A lot of golf at the moment. I've got that and then I take Tuesday off completely, and then just turn up for the Pro-Am at The London Club; not the hardest course in the world to get used to, and that's the plan in Wales, as well.

Q. Is the game coming back around?
NICK DOUGHERTY: First two days, short game is phenomenal and putting is great. I'm putting so well with that new putter and on these greens I've never, ever putted any good on. They are not easy. One of the reasons you putt bad on them is because you know that they snake a little, you tend to help it into slopes and with that grip I'm using, it makes me trust the putt.
It doesn't always go right; like the one on the last, it won't always go right because sometimes the greens miss, and the first putt you've got to do has to be a good putt, so that's definitely helped.
My long game first two rounds has been poor but it has been a lot better. Today was great to be honest. Didn't hit quite as well at the end which is why I didn't capitalise but certainly I played the majority of that round really well. There are some really good signs, really good signs. It's been a long time for me struggling.

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