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May 23, 2009

Bruce Fleisher


Q. Put yourself right back in it, haven't you?
BRUCE FLEISHER: Did I? I don't know.

Q. Well three back at the moment.
BRUCE FLEISHER: Really, three back at the moment? Well a fun day playing with Joey and them. I hit a lot of good shots. Didn't drive it well today, not very solid. But I did keep it in front of me for the most part. So that's what you got to do around here.

Q. So going into the last day, assess your chances?
BRUCE FLEISHER: Anything can happen. The first hole has given me some problems. I haven't missed a shot on that hole yet this week and yet I'm 2-over. It's a funny game.
You never know what the nerves are going to be like tomorrow. But I felt pretty good. Like I said, I have nothing to lose, nothing to prove, except to myself, so. Just going to try to play like I've been playing.
I give up a lot of yardage and Joey is 40, 50 yards in front of me, it's frustrating in that respect. Except he's 51 and I'm 60. So I got to look at it that way.
But I like the golf course. And the good part about it is that par is a good score. I mean this just proves it. I predicted that 1 or 2-under would win this thing and it looks like my prediction could be correct.

Q. Go through your card today, if you would with the birdies and pars.
BRUCE FLEISHER: Well, let's see. You know what, that's a good question. I know I birdied 15. And then I birdied 10. I think I birdied 5. I-5 or 6. I think I birdied 5. Yeah. I birdied 5. Yeah. 5, 10, 15. And I bogeyed 1, and I 3-putted 11.

Q. Did you hit 15 in two?
BRUCE FLEISHER: No. No. Are you kidding me? No, I hit driver, I didn't hit it very well, and then I hit a 5-iron.

Q. To how far.
BRUCE FLEISHER: About a hundred yards. And I made about a 15-footer after that. And that was really unexpected because it was downhill, the ball was humming, it was humming.
But probably my best shot of the day was, well, two shots, the one on 18 with a 4-iron, and then the shot on 10, I had an about a 195, I hit a 5-iron to about eight feet. That was probably my best shot of the day.

Q. Has everything worked this week? Has there been one thing that you've really done exceptionally well?
BRUCE FLEISHER: I've actually, I don't want to step on my foot, but I've actually made some good par savers. And that's getting it around. That's good for the round.

Q. Do you really relish being in the hunt tomorrow?
BRUCE FLEISHER: Oh, absolutely. You know, what, sometimes it's nerve wracking, but at this age, you know, you always fight your self esteem, your ego, but that's what we're out here for. When you're not in the hunt, then you go home, honestly. For everybody, you know, certainly being in the hunt it gets your emotion up. And it tests you, this golf course tests every emotion you have. You know, I hit the ball, I kind of slapped it around all day, but I held in there, I fought it off. I kept my cool, I kept my composure, I can say that now, you know. But as I say, I made some par putts. But it was just a great testimony to this golf course.

Q. You're how old now?

Q. So that's a testament to yourself?
BRUCE FLEISHER: Well absolutely.

Q. It's been a long time since you --
BRUCE FLEISHER: It's been a long time since I've been in this position. But I actually played some good golf this year. I finished eight one week, 13th one week, Top-20. So I'm feeling more comfortable. The only person I'm scared of tomorrow is myself. Well try to see what happens.

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