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May 23, 2009

Chris Starkjohann


Q. First of all, are you inventing a new way of playing golf here? It's one par on the front, five total overall, and yet still a pretty good 72 I think it was.

Q. And still kind of right there in the mix. What do you think about it? It's a tough golf course to be such a roller coaster?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Well, it was either feast or famine, I either hit it really good and missed the putt or I missed the fairway by a little bit and got myself in a little trouble and didn't get up-and-down.
So really the only hole that I really made a bad swing was the crowd got me in the middle and I hooked it a little bit left and it went in the hazard and I made double. So other than that I would have shot even par with maybe six pars. So that would have been really good.

Q. Talk to me a little bit about now your expectations for tomorrow? I mean you're right in the mix. You're right in the hunt.
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Is four leading?

Q. As far as I remember.
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: I kept looking at the scoreboard coming down on 17 or whatever and it looked like there was only seven guys under par. So, yeah, I -- yeah, I'm just, again, playing each hole at a time, trying to make the best shot, because some of these fairways I just, you have a hard time visualizing where to hit it and what kind of shot and I haven't done very well on a couple of them.
And I'm just trying to improve on 6 and maybe 5. 6, for tomorrow. I 3-putted 17 from the top left there or top right. It was top right and I had to putt it down.

Q. Even those pars some of those were kind of interesting.
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Yeah, I made a really good par on 12. I made a good par on 18. 10 I made a great one out of the bunker and then short left and I chipped out and made about a 12-footer there. So, yeah, I've been putting really well for three days.

Q. Do you get more out of a round like this where you salvage a score being all over the board or is fairways, greens and 2-putts kind of the --
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Well I'm going to forget about today and just go back to try -- my strength is hitting fairways and I drive it straight, but here you drive it straight on the wrong line and you're in trouble. So you got to take the right club.
And I'm still experimenting on a couple, I may hit maybe a 3-iron or maybe a 3-wood on 18 tomorrow. I may hit a 3-wood on a couple other holes, but I got to hit the fairway on a couple of these, because it's tough to make par if you miss the fairway on 6 and 5 you can't do it.

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