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May 23, 2009

Jay Don Blake


Q. Tell me about your round.
JAY DON BLAKE: It was a tough round. I felt pretty good just kind of couldn't calm my nerves down. Because it just seemed like I was too far behind up and kind of -- I thought I hit some good shots and they all kept running through the fairway into the rough.
And once you get in there, it's kind of tough to kind of hit them close and I made a couple bogeys, I bogeyed yesterday the same thing, 4 and 5, I bogeyed those two holes yesterday.
So I just need to get off to a little bit better start on those holes there and then I start kind of calming down and I started hitting a lot better shots. So 17 was a little unfortunate. I thought I hit a pretty good shot. If it would have stayed up -- I ended up 3-putting. But other than that I needed to make a few more putts coming in, because I had a lot of chances coming in the last seven or eight holes coming in and I never did. And I would have been, I'm not too far out of it now, but I would have been right there close and knocking at the door. So I felt good about it, I just got to come out and grind it out tomorrow.

Q. Tomorrow you certainly take 1-under on the back nine?

Q. Knowing where you are right now in the top-10?
JAY DON BLAKE: Yeah, I would. It's a tough course, I'm sure you're going to put the pins in some interesting spots, so I just go out and see what I can do and I don't really like putting a score out there unless something happens and you get a few more birdies, you would hate to say, well I got three shots cushion here, so I'm just going to go out and hit the shots, execute the shots that I'm trying to at that time and see if I can make some birdies.

Q. Anything memorable about your birdies today? Or were they routine as a birdie can get on this course?
JAY DON BLAKE: Yeah, birdied the first hole from about six, seven feet.
Then the next birdie was a 2-putt par-5. In fact I birdied 10 from about nine feet on 10. So nothing spectacular, just, I mean I -- on 15 over there, I probably had it maybe 10, 11 feet for eagle and couldn't capitalize there. So that's kind of the shots I had. I had a lot of opportunities, but just couldn't get them to go in. The greens are so quick you got to be so delicate. I mean you play 10 feet and you got to play, six, 10, you know, two feet of break on some of them. I mean you're trying to die it, so you don't have a whole lot of speed so the ball's really breaking off and it's just, it gets frustrating, but everybody's having the same problems so.

Q. Do you think tomorrow with the earlier tee time and finishing at three may make the greens just a little more bear able as you come down the home stretch?
JAY DON BLAKE: Well, it's going to help. Because in the afternoon they get baked out, poa annua starts growing, gets a little bit more bumpy, so I don't know, with the weather, are they predicting rain tonight.

Q. Not any more.
JAY DON BLAKE: I know they had a little bit of forecast of it. But it's going to help. The greens will be a little bit more receptive, they will probably put a little splash of water on them tonight and it will be a little cooler tonight so it won't get too baked out too quick, so it should be all right.

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