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May 23, 2009

Ross Drummond


Q. Can you talk a little bit about today's round. Was the course playing different than yesterday?
ROSS DRUMMOND: As far as difficulty you wouldn't say so. I don't think the course was playing particularly difficult today.
As far as my round was concerned, I really just lost it on the greens. And that just kind of spilled over into my game.
Just had too many 3-putt early on. And I lost it there. It was just some poor putting and then just a lack of confidence.

Q. What are you planning on doing tomorrow, you're only five strokes back and anything can happen tomorrow. What do you think you'll do to prepare yourself?
ROSS DRUMMOND: Hopefully I can come out in a better, just a better frame of mind. It's not as if I wasn't in a good frame of mind today, it was just as the round unfolded, I just struggled on the greens for some reason. I don't know what it was if it was focus or concentration, but I just need to try and improve on that tomorrow and just roll the ball much better on the greens.
Because the golf course is definitely out there. I know the greens are difficult, and really the 3-putt I was having, it wasn't as if I was having tough putts, I was just very tentative at times.

Q. Was there, was that the main thing that was giving you problems was the putting?
ROSS DRUMMOND: I would say so. I think the front nine I played -- I think I played fairly solid. But as I said, I just threw away too many shots on the greens. And then once you feel the round slipping away from you, then it's just really difficult and the decision making becomes difficult and it's just hard to get it back. And actually I scrambled a lot of shots on the back nine. I think I had like five bogeys on the back nine. Is so it was just a tough round.

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