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May 23, 2009

Roger Chapman


Q. This week has been your debut in the Senior PGA Championship. Can you talk about that hole-in-one on 17?
ROGER CHAPMAN: I got off to such a bad start, I was jokingly saying that I was late on the tee and my twin brother pitched up and played the first few holes with me. But I got there in the end.
But I got off to a horrendous start and just tried to hang in there. I made few birdies. And then I said to my wife going up 13, I need two more birdies, you know, it would be a half decent score. Didn't birdie 15 or 16.
And then got to 17 and just hit the purest 4-iron I think I ever hit. And it just went in. It was a great moment. The hairs on the back of my neck were going up and it was just an incredible feeling.

Q. Crowd must have gone wild.
ROGER CHAPMAN: Oh, yeah, they did. It was a huge roar. And we just saw the ball going straight at the flag, pitched it up on the front and I could here this (Indicating) and all of a sudden this cheer went out as it went in. And I felt fantastic.

Q. How many hole-in-ones have you hit in your career?

Q. Okay. So this is your ninth.
ROGER CHAPMAN: This is the ninth.

Q. You said you used a 4-iron?
ROGER CHAPMAN: 4-iron, yeah. I had a hole-in-one at the Open when I was an amateur, British Open, not the U.S. Open, the British Open. And that was in 1981. So that's two holes in ones in Majors. So I'll take that.

Q. How does this meet your expectations for your first event with the Senior PGA?
ROGER CHAPMAN: Well, it was, it's only my second event as a senior, so I'm still sort of still dipping the toe in the water, seeing what it's all like. But thoroughly enjoyed the week.

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