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May 23, 2009

Fred Funk


Q. Can you talk about your round. You had a great string of birdies. What were your thoughts?
FRED FUNK: Yesterday I found something on my back nine yesterday, which was the front nine, but my back nine. And then I knew I was playing good. And so I found something with my putter and my setup and my routine and I got real comfortable with that and it kind of carried over.
Actually yesterday I hit the ball ridiculously well on the last nine and got nothing out of it. And then -- because of a bad finish. And today I played great on the front. Shot 4-under.
And then I kind of started struggling from like probably from number 14 on.
13, I hit a shot over the green, but 14 I hit a drive in the rough and I just kind of staggered my way all the way in. I bogeyed 16, 17 and 18, which is very unfortunate. But, oh, well.
It was a good round other than that. It was just disappointing, because I was right where I felt I needed to be and I just let it go out there. If anybody finishes low, they can really separate them self.

Q. Well nobody is doing that right now.
FRED FUNK: Well, it's hard to do, it's hard to get your self in good position to make a lot of birdies, but with a three and four shot lead, that's pretty significant to overcome here.
So, yeah, I had myself right where I needed to be and I just let it go. So I felt it coming yesterday and sure enough it was there and I couldn't wait to get on the golf course and then all of a sudden I just kept hitting it in the rough and I missed one little putt.
I putted ridiculously well all day until a little putt on 17 there. And then 16 I hit a pretty good putts, but I missed it. You just can't be putting for pars all the time.
But I'm fine. My knee is fine. It's feeling good the last three days. It's got a little better each week and now I'm able to swing at it pretty good. The only thing I'm having trouble is walking downhill. So I just hobble down. But everything else is I'm real optimistic about my knee now.

Q. (Inaudible.)
FRED FUNK: No, I'm taking myself out of that list. Ain't no way I could do that.

Q. When you shoot 30 on front nine do you think about --
FRED FUNK: No, I wasn't thinking what you were thinking, no. That didn't even cross my mind on this golf course. I was just trying to keep the momentum going and I made some really nice par saves there on 12, 13 and 14. And then I just didn't do it coming in.

Q. Is there anything you're going to do to prepare yourself for tomorrow?
FRED FUNK: I got to figure out, yeah, I've had -- every day it's been nine holes good, nine holes bad. Ball striking wise. I got to figure that out. Yesterday the back nine was good, the front nine wasn't. Today the front nine was good and the back nine was not very good. I'm confused on which nines I've been playing.
But there's no rhyme or reason. I just -- the game was easy on the front and then all of a sudden I couldn't find the fairways. And you got to find the fairways here. They don't have that graduated cut that I like so much that I advocate. The least missed shot gets the most penalized here. When I miss these fairways, I -- every fairway I think I missed this week has been less than a foot in the rough, less than a foot in the high stuff that I'm talking about.

Q. You were six back today and you're one back. So you showed that you can --
FRED FUNK: I'm not one back any more.

Q. Right.
FRED FUNK: Oh, no, you can get it going, but you got to keep it going, and I didn't keep it going, so. No, I was disappointed. I guess I had a little nerves on 17, that little one. It's like I've been making them all day and I don't know why it just came off the putter left.
On 18 I hit it less than a foot in the rough and I was dead. And, yeah. 15 was the same thing. Two days in a row I've been six inches in the rough on 15 and just absolutely dead. I had to lay it up. You got to hit these fairways. It's grown a lot with this warm weather. I know mowers haven't been in it.

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