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May 23, 2009

Robert Gibbons


Q. How did you feel about your round today?
ROBERT GIBBONS: I played good. I made bogey from the middle of the fairway on 11, double from middle of the fairway on 12, and that really kind of upset the apple cart. Other than that, I played very good.

Q. We talked earlier in the week about kind of expectations for your first Senior PGA Championship. You make the cut, that's got to be a thrill for the folks back home and for you?
ROBERT GIBBONS: Yeah, that was a goal and we did that. I would like to have shot a little better score today. But it was there, I just, the situation was a little different than I'm used to.

Q. Well not a bad memory first of all just for your Saturday pairing.
ROBERT GIBBONS: Yeah, it was very, you know, you can't dream up playing with Norman and Irwin on a Saturday game, you know.

Q. Most people you ever played in front of?
ROBERT GIBBONS: Yeah. I would say. So I played in the 1989 PGA, that's the only other TOUR event I played in. But that's been so long ago this is probably the most.

Q. And how easy or difficult was that to kind of keep out of your mind? A lot of people?
ROBERT GIBBONS: Yeah, the first tee was really kind of tough. But after that I tried to stay calm and just go through my routine and tried to hit it in the fairway, tried to hit it on the green.

Q. And also you hung right with them.
ROBERT GIBBONS: Yeah, they didn't play their best and I had a couple moments myself.
But, yeah, it was good that it wasn't a big separation of score.

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