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May 23, 2009

Jeffrey Roth


Q. Tell us about your round.
JEFF ROTH: Well, I was pleased with it. It's too bad I made those couple bogeys at the end of the round. But it's just an easy golf course to make bogeys. It's a hard golf course to make pars, it's an easy golf course to make bogeys. And it's difficult to make doubles and triples, you really have to work at it.
But it is real easy to make a bogey. You hit it in the long grass and then it's just a matter of luck of whether you can maybe rescue yourself for par.
But I played pretty good on 16.
And 17 I hit it kind of top right and I just hit a big duck hook of a putt and couldn't get it close enough and 3-putted for bogey.

Q. Your 1-under on moving day here at the Senior PGA Championship, that's got to be a pretty special feeling.
JEFF ROTH: Yeah, it is. I probably moved up about 20 spots so far and maybe by the end of the day another 10 or 15. Maybe a shot or two more would have been great, but I could be in a lot worse shape.

Q. So you're one of 40 club professionals that entered the field, you're one of 10 that made the cut, I don't know if you guys got the memo, but you're not supposed to be out here beating these guys who work on their games 60 hours a week. Is there any expectation level?
JEFF ROTH: Well, my expectation levels might be a little higher than the other guys. I'm not working, I've been playing now for a couple years on the Champions Tour and Monday qualifying and that's my status.
And I've gotten into some -- I played in 25 qualifiers and I missed 13 of them by one or two shots. And I've gotten into six events and I played some pretty good golf, but just not good enough.
And there's so few spots every week that it's tough for a guy like me to break through, let alone a career TOUR player who I know is having difficulty enough breaking through. There's just not enough spots and the rules are very specific.

Q. So, one, how will you use this weekend, we still have one round to go which hopefully is sort of like today where it looks like that you're going to be moving up. How are you going to use this as a spring board for the rest of your season?
JEFF ROTH: Well, playing in tournaments are different than the Monday qualifiers. And the mindset is totally different.
I mean, just to have an opportunity to play a golf tournament, you know, it allows to you pace yourself, not worry about the mistakes you might make. You make a mistake on a Monday on your second or third hole and now you're behind the eight ball.
I figure on Mondays you can't make much more than one mistake or that means you're down the road. There's only four spots available and there's 25, 30 guys, they're all real good players, they're Tour players that have won.
And so the mindset is totally different playing on a day like today or yesterday or the day before than playing on a Monday. Everything rides on four hours there.

Q. And going into tomorrow, do you have an expectation for yourself in terms of placement?
JEFF ROTH: Well my goal for the weekend was to shoot a couple rounds in the 60s. So I got halfway there and hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow and I'll have another nice pairing and play well.

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