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May 22, 2009

Anthony Wall


ANTHONY WALL: Hit a 2-iron off the tee, 3-wood is probably too much, hit a good one but I was slightly blocked out so just tried to cut it around the grandstand and hit it smack on, BMW, shatterproof glass worked well, it just banged straight on the green. Thanks, BMW.

Q. And banged to a very nice position and you still got your birdie.
ANTHONY WALL: That's the thing, isn't it, you do get lucky, gets windy, get the crowd around the greens, you don't feel the wind, you get breaks like that. And sometimes it goes the other way. So long may it continue when you get good breaks like that.

Q. I take it you played here when the grandstand isn't in place so that could have gone flying through?
ANTHONY WALL: Still wouldn't have been out-of-bounds, but no, it's good, and you know there's a lot of danger down the right. I've watched it over the years, and you know it's there. If it doesn't cut, you're always going to leave yourself something.

Q. Stroke of luck aside, that is actually a very nice round, very tidy scoring.
ANTHONY WALL: I played good, solid, didn't really hole any putts, but I just found them hard to actually hole. You know, good shots, ten, 15 feet and just didn't seem to want to go in, but imagine looking at the scores, everyone says the same.

Q. Difficult day with the wind swirling?
ANTHONY WALL: Pins were great. I thought they were probably as hard as I've ever seen them. For the second round, that was impressive. I think that's a real true reflection of why the scoring is such.

Q. What is it about you and Wentworth; it's all or nothing, you either miss the cut or you're in contention.
ANTHONY WALL: I don't know why, but it is a hard course I think, so you are either on your game or you're not.

Q. And you're on your game?
ANTHONY WALL: I've been playing well.

Q. You've been playing pretty well getting into contention a few good weeks.
ANTHONY WALL: I need to push forward, but there's a lot of good players out there. You have to be special to push forward, winning and finishing top three and five is difficult.
I know I can do it. It's just a case of just keep pushing yourself forward, because you look at the leaderboard, Casey is obviously playing great, he can run away with it if he keeps doing that. You've just got to keep pushing yourself forward.

Q. You've reflected on the way you play the game and probably not making enough birdies, are you happy if it stays like that and you've got to grind it on a hard course?
ANTHONY WALL: I think we all want the rain to stay away, because then the greens will stay firm, and they do play better when they are firm. The crowds will then turn up and the atmosphere is better, and long may it continue, the sunshine.

Q. And is the atmosphere good for you, living so local?
ANTHONY WALL: It's lovely, I walk down the first, I must have seen 60 or 70 people I knew along the first hole, and that's lovely for me. And I didn't give 60 or 70 tickets away, so it was great. They are all coming to watch me so that's lovely. It's pretty nice.

Q. Do you use that support or do you try to blank them out thinking there's so many distractions?
ANTHONY WALL: No, it's nice to see people I haven't seen for a couple of years. It's nice, I'm fairly outgoing, and it's a long round of golf. Five hours is a long time, so no point in sort of keeping your head down and not acknowledging people's existence I've never been one for that.

Q. Different people are different, it does aim and help you relax, does it?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, different strokes for different blokes. I like to see people and say hello and that and use the crowd to your advantage. They are cheering you on, why not try and use that.

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