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May 22, 2009

David Horsey


DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, it was a bit of a struggle today, the wind blowing about a bit, swirling about in the trees. It was a struggle and didn't play particularly well, either, and didn't help me enjoy it out there. Still to finish with 1-under and keep myself in the tournament is quite pleasing.

Q. How patient are you? How good at battling are you?
DAVID HORSEY: Well, in the past I've tried to keep it together and then not let things get away from me. So hopefully that's showed today, and hopefully I can get my game right and take it into the weekend.

Q. We all know what this game is like, and there are times when you are making birdie after birdie, and sometimes you have to battle and the head drops a little bit, and you held it together.
DAVID HORSEY: It's hard, when you miss a few putts and things don't quite go your way, you get a few bad bounces, it's hard to keep yourself going. Chris, my caddie, is obviously there for me. And yeah, you've just got to keep battling. You can't do anything about it and you just have to keep trusting it and hoping that it's going to come good eventually.

Q. What does he say to you?
DAVID HORSEY: Keep concentrating and keep trusting it, and that's all you can say, really, and the rest is down to me.

Q. Do you need banter out there?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, you have to keep yourself occupied. You can't let your mind wander, especially when you are in contention. It's very easy just to get carried away with yourself, so he's there just to keep me occupied and maybe just change the subject completely away from golf and hopefully turn my mind off it. It is difficult. Got to keep yourself amused at times.

Q. Talking about Manchester United, wearing your red top?
DAVID HORSEY: Hopefully it will give them a bit of luck going into next week's Champions League Final. Just a coincidence, really, no intent.

Q. How difficult is this course with the wind?
DAVID HORSEY: The trees are quite tall here so it doesn't really get to the ball until it gets to the top of it's flight and it does swirl about down the funnels of the holes. It's playing quite firm this year, I believe in previous years it's been quite soft for this time of year.
So the greens are quite bouncy and quite speedy, as well. They are quite quick. So it is difficult to keep your ball under control. You have to be on top of your game and I wasn't today. I kept it together and managed to keep a score together, and go and do a bit of work now and see what I can do.

Q. Were there particular parts of the course that played different from the first day?
DAVID HORSEY: No, pretty much the same wind. The first few holes yesterday morning we didn't have much wind at 7.00. Same wind and the front nine played predominately into the wind, so that's the tough nine to get out of the way.
And then the back nine, certainly from 13 onwards, it's all downwind and you expect to pick up a couple on the last two, especially with the par 5s.

Q. State the obvious but great satisfaction being in this position in the weekend?
DAVID HORSEY: Definitely, to be in contention, to be in touch is what I have not done, really, for most of the season. I've always thrown a low one in on Sunday and haven't given myself a proper chance to win.
Go out there tomorrow and keep playing my game and keep myself to myself and see where we are tomorrow night.

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