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May 21, 2009

Colin Montgomerie


Q. A nice eagle finish which puts a nice gloss on it, was it a round you were pleased with in general?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I suppose it was. More consistent than I have been before. And this year, you know, I bogeyed the first, which is always on, and I had eight straight pars, which is okay, because it's quite breezy out there. The wind is swirling and the course is playing quite firm. Any course that plays firm plays more difficult, and this is no different.
Then I managed to get a couple of putts in at 10 or 11 get under par but threw it away at 15. But a 4,3 finish at 17, 18, with two new tees, one is 710 yards and one is 570 now, that's a good finish for me.

Q. Is it just the consistency you're looking for, because you had that great round in Ireland and you followed it up with a lesser round; is it just that that you're looking for?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: You're very diplomatic saying it was a lesser round. It was bloody awful. But at the same time, it is, it's the consistency I'm lacking, and that's when in the late 90s when I was winning this event and these events, I was very much more consistent, and I'm not now. I'm not now, and I want to get back to that.
So one 69 is okay, but what I have to do tomorrow afternoon is put another one on the board, and then another one, and then we get to sort of 9-, 10-under for Saturday night, and that's my goal, to be in contention for Sunday.
But that's the scene to be believed yet, but if I can do that the next two days, I'll be thrilled.

Q. Do you lower your expectations and look for top 20 places and build on that, or is that just not you?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: You're talking to the wrong fellow there, aren't you, really. If I was ever happy with 20th place, I would stop playing this game. I have to set my goals the way they were, which was to win. I feel capable of winning. I feel able to win, still. It's just a matter of going out and proving it to myself again and I haven't been doing that.

Q. And is The Ryder Cup captaincy a distraction to your playing?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It is, actually. It is. It's a huge distraction, which might well be a good thing in the long run, I'm not sure. Wait and see on that one. The jury is out on that. But it is a huge distraction. I had three hours of meetings there yesterday afternoon at the Tour headquarters and the rest of the Tour practicing and all sorts, and I'm in their meetings. I'm trying to do three or four jobs at the one time, but the 69 today is good.

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