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May 21, 2009

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: That chip on the 17th was fantastic. I missed the green short and right with my second, probably the last place you want to be on that hole with that pin position today and how hard the greens are. I did a fantastic chip and that was a birdie, and then a fantastic 5-wood on the last to four feet and then holed it. So that's a great feeling to end the day.

Q. Was it a case of patience up until then?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: You had to be patience because it took us five hours and 20 minutes to finish the round. You had to be patient if you want to do well.
Hopefully tomorrow we'll play a little faster and why not maybe get in the red numbers earlier, too.

Q. That's a ridiculous time on the golf course, isn't it, considering the early starters were getting around really swiftly?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, it is, but the first three holes were playing very difficult today and I guess that makes you hit more shots, and the referees estimated -- well, the course was playing tougher than previous years, and that's what made it longer. But hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'm sure the Tour will take some decisions today and make it a bit faster.

Q. And you like to play a bit faster for your rhythm, don't you?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Everybody wants to play faster. Nobody wants to play in five hours or 20 minutes, but if I am going to shoot 67 every day playing five hours and 20 minutes, I'll take it.

Q. How have things been for you? Haven't seen you much the last couple of weeks.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: I had a good run of tournaments, those two in Asia, and the one before in Estoril Portugal which was fantastic. Then the Spanish Open, I was a bit tired, made the cut but nothing spectacular.
And then the Irish Open I played terribly, no excuses about the draw, but I just couldn't hit a good shot. I went home early, but that was good, because I missed apparently the worst of the weather which was the weekend.
I managed to spend a couple of days back home with my wife watching the tennis and the bullfight. This was great, and, well, we are back to work this week, and it was a good start.

Q. I think you struck lucky, very much so, and that probably is beneficial, isn't it?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, I spoke with my caddie, and we knew it was going to be windy, and on the practice range back in Baltray, the wind was blowing left-to-right, which is probably the last wind you want to have on the practice range.
So I didn't really see the point of staying there and practicing and went back home and didn't hit a shot at all. Just relaxed and enjoy the good weather, and no complaints, no regrets at all.

Q. And this is good weather?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, it's fantastic. We have been very lucky so far, no rain at all, a couple of showers on Tuesday, and hopefully the weather will remain the same for the week.

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