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May 21, 2009

Scott Drummond


Q. Does it take Wentworth to bring the best out of you?
SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yeah, brings back good memories.
The last couple of years, I've not played that well here and to be honest I felt more pressure this year than I have in the last couple of seasons coming here. Just coming here really, I felt edgy on the first today, even though my practice has gone well this week and I feel like my game is coming together. More of not a fearing a bad result but kind of wanting to come and play pretty well, especially here. So, yeah, it's nice to get off to a good start.

Q. Is it a self-creating pressure?
SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yeah, a little bit. And obviously I have moments where I try and deflect that and look at the bigger picture of the season, rather than focusing on one event. But you come here and it's a great event and great venue, you can't help wanting to play well.
I've been working very hard. I've not quite had the results that I might have hoped for. I feel I've got close to them. Bali, I got up there, share of the lead, and unfortunately dropped a couple on the last two on the Saturday. I just didn't get a great Sunday. But it was nice to get back in the mix and get a bit of reward for the work I've been doing.
And then since then, I've played quite tidy, but just made -- still been making the odd one or two mistakes and not making enough birdies, which is the main problem I suppose.

Q. The work you're doing, is that more practice, more fitness?
SCOTT DRUMMOND: It's more everything to be honest. I've always felt that I've worked hard, but I started working with a new guy who is kind of into psychology but really not your short of traditional what you would expect maybe with sport psychology. A lot of it has been about strategy on the course, practice routines, stuff like that, really sort of breaking the game down and simplifying it. That's been really beneficial I felt. I started at the Dunhill last year actually but took a while for it maybe to start working.

Q. What's the name of the chap?
SCOTT DRUMMOND: His name is David Marsh. He's near to me down in Plymouth.
He turned pro back when I did in sort of '96 and played some mini-tour stuff when he remembers me from then. And he fell out of golf then into something else, but he always kept a keen interest and he kind of approached me, said he had some ideas that might be beneficial. I gave him the time and we started to work, and I liked it, so I kind of got into that with him. I've also been working quite a lot with Robert Watts, who is working quite a bit with Darren Clarke on fitness. He's a golf pro, as well, so I've been combining my fitness stuff with him, stuff that's specific to my swing.
So I feel like I have a lot of good stuff in place now and I feel I'm working on the right stuff again. Although, you know, the last couple of seasons, I felt I was working on the right stuff but the way I've been able to sort of discard it if you like, this is through that guy, David Marsh, I've been working with, he sort of said, you may have worked harder over the last two or three seasons, but let's just say you were working on the wrong stuff. Forget all that, start out fresh and you're working on the right stuff now. Work hard at it and it will come through.

Q. So you'll be able to see the benefits obviously.
SCOTT DRUMMOND: Definitely different approach on the course, more positive in a different kind of way than just saying I'm going to be positive, which is easy to say but tougher to do.
Yeah, just approaching the way I try and formulate a score and build a score, and the way I kind of assess -- the way I assess my round really in terms of when I'm out there playing a tournament round or a practice round even, which I'm trying to play practice rounds like I'm playing tournaments. Just working out realistically on the holes on the course which ones are the realistic birdie chances. The guys that go onto do well that week will be making birdies.
And then you get, I think more of a realistic picture of maybe what under par is rather than falling into it, saying, well, anything under par is good; 1-under is good, which a lot of weeks, 1-under isn't very good.
That's made me approach some courses feeling they are very scorable whereas before I might not have thought they were so scorable.

Q. How would you assess your score today by those yardsticks?
SCOTT DRUMMOND: I have myself down at what I thought -- I shot 69, but I thought 65 was on out there today, playing some clean golf. That's how many chances there were out there.

Q. So you're 4-over.
SCOTT DRUMMOND: I left a few out there. It's been really good for me but doesn't necessarily suit everyone to be thinking like that or those ways, but it's something I've built into my practice rounds and it's been good.

Q. Do you ever go back to watching what happened in 2004 before you come here?
SCOTT DRUMMOND: No, I do watch it occasionally. I mean, obviously that was a great win. Everything about that week was great. The following 12 months were great. But since then, you know, it's been a roller coaster. Are.
I look at it now, I can't believe it's five years on. I guess it flies by a bit more when you've got kids, as well. I think back to when Keira was just four weeks old. I've got good memories but trying to leave it there, because I don't want that to be the only thing I've ever done and what I'm kind of remembered for if you like. I'm a different person and I'm a different player now, and so you've kind of got to let go of that in a good way but retain the good memories.

Q. David Marsh, would you call him a strategy?
SCOTT DRUMMOND: I suppose a bit of both really, psychology and strategy and combining the two.

Q. The 17th --
SCOTT DRUMMOND: We were all way right off the tee and got it back into play, but had a 7-iron in for my third shot, and played it where I thought the wind was, or where we knew the wind was, but just didn't seem to affect it. I missed the green on the left side and didn't get up-and-down. But yeah it was a bit untidy from all three of us there.
Nice to knock it on there at the last and have a chance for eagle.

Q. What were you going with?
SCOTT DRUMMOND: Just a rescue club.

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