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May 21, 2009

Chris Starkjohann


Q. You had a great round today.
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: I did. I had a good round, considering I think I only hit five fairways.

Q. Three birdies, right?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Three birdies. I birdied 15, 4, and 7.

Q. You've had a great senior career here the last couple of years, Club Pro of the Year in 2006 and 2007?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Yes, I was out in 2008, and I didn't play that much, so, but I'm healthy now.
And I was trying for the three-peat but it didn't work. But I've been good since I've been 50, yeah, I've been doing pretty well.

Q. You hit the key shot in the 2007 PGA Team Championship?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: I did, I made the putt to win the cup. So that was fun. Yeah, that's probably the highlight of my PGA career is playing the cup matches, that was a blast.

Q. Terrific. What did you think about the course today? Have you played Canterbury much?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: You know what, I didn't even play a practice round until yesterday, because my wife just flew in as my caddie. So I walked every hole except for 16, 17 and 18. And then we played yesterday, we played the back nine and we didn't play 7, 8, and 9. So I didn't really play that many -- I played 15 holes is all I played around here.
So, my wife had to play in the club championship so she couldn't come until yesterday. You have to work the ball a lot here, and I wasn't missing the fairways by much, I wasn't in trouble, but I was missing the fairways because of the roll.

Q. What's your strategy for tomorrow?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: Same as today. We were just trying to make pars, and normally I make a couple birdies, so if I can be patient and not get myself in too much trouble, I'm okay. Because I putted good today under six feet, I did I only missed two, I think, or three, under six feet. One for par and two for bogey or two for par, one for birdie, but it was okay.

Q. Have you been playing some of your strongest golf the last couple of years since the wrist has healed?
CHRIS STARKJOHANN: It just got healthy the end of last year. So all of 2008 it was pretty weak, so just the last couple months I've been doing pretty well. I played the winter series in January, which was good for me to get going and since then I've been playing pretty good. I think I had 75 last week at Birmingham was my highest score in a month or so.

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