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May 21, 2009

Jeff Coston


Q. It looked like this afternoon scoring was really tough. There were only maybe one or two people under par all afternoon.
JEFF COSTON: All right. Well, hey, is that supposed to make me feel better? You know, like the weather was great, the golf course was great, it's just, you know, it's a national, a Major Championship, and so difficult conditions. You definitely have to hit it in the fairway, you definitely have to have great speed on the greens, because you got some downhills that are really fast and uphills aren't as fast.
So you got to be thinking properly out there and sort of trusting your game. So it's a difficult scoring golf course, at least it was for me today.

Q. You put together back-to-back birdies on 14 and 15. Did that kind of, is that something positive to build on for tomorrow?
JEFF COSTON: Thanks, I'll take that. I need to. You know, yeah I felt like I did some good things, especially the last 10, 12 holes, so I look forward to my opportunity tomorrow and appreciate the PGA of America having this tournament and I appreciate being invited.

Q. You were the low club pro I believe a couple years ago?
JEFF COSTON: I was. I was. I think I can build on that.

Q. But you're going off in the morning, this morning scores were a little lower. Are you going to go to bed tonight with a number in your head?
JEFF COSTON: No, I was just going to quit after nine maybe and get a really low number in my head, you know. It's always nice in the morning normally, right? I have no excuses, I could have done a better job, but I look forward to an opportunity tomorrow. I remember the PGA Championship at Whistling Straights in 2004 I think I had the low round of the second round, the low round of the day, so I figure that might happen again.

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