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May 21, 2009

Jim Sobb


Q. Nervous or anxious on that first hole?
JIM SOBB: No, not at all. Not at all. I hit the ball well, I hit it in the rough though, and every time I did it cost me a double and two bogeys and I shot 75. So if I could just hit it in the fairway, you know, it's -- I wasn't upset, I thought it was great.

Q. You bogeyed the first hole and then parred the rest of the front nine?
JIM SOBB: Yeah, I played the rest of the front and I drove it in the fairway bunker on 10, made bogey. And then I came back on 11. I drove it in the rough on 12, just a foot in the rough and it's just I make double. And I hit it in the rough again and couldn't get out of the rough. And made double there. And drove it in the rough on 14 and 15, make bogeys there.
So that's it. I parred the last few holes, which are really pretty good solid pars. Hit the green in regulation on the last few holes, so that was good.

Q. The afternoon players are talking about fast greens. Did that affect you at all?
JIM SOBB: They were fast, but they were really crusty. You know, the ball was sliding all over the place. But I didn't 3-putt at all. I didn't 3-putt a green, so I was happy with that. And I kept it underneath the hole for the most part so, that was good too.

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