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May 21, 2009

Mark O'Meara


Q. Was there like 30 seconds of nostalgia on the tee with you and John out there?
MARK O'MEARA: It was so long ago, we played so much golf together since then, you know, those memories were great then. Today's a different deal. It's a stroke play event.
But it was, you know, it's a great golf course, Canterbury, and it's a pleasure to be able to come back and play. I'm just disappointed I didn't play better.

Q. It seemed like you struggled on your front and then kind of got it, were even par for the back. Was there something that got you going?
MARK O'MEARA: No, I drove it good enough to play decently, my iron play was bad. I made a double on one par-5 and a triple on the other one. And you just can't give shots away like that. I hit one bad drive maybe on the 14th hole. The 15th hole, the par-5, I drove it in the right rough. And other than that I kept it in play all day. But I just didn't score very well and hit a lot of bad iron shots and made a lot of dumb mistakes.

Q. What do you focus on tonight to come back tomorrow?
MARK O'MEARA: Oh, you know, it's frustrating, I hate to play and shoot scores like that, so I got to come out tomorrow and make some birdies and try to get back to reasonable score, 2 or 3-over for a tournament, so I probably got to shoot 3 or 4-under tomorrow to be around for the weekend.

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