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May 21, 2009

Jim Logue


Q. If I'm correct this was the first time you played in this event in about 10 years? Is that correct?
JIM LOGUE: I think the last time it was at the PGA there in Palm Beach Gardens. I want to say that was like 2000 maybe. So that would have been --

Q. With you being a local guy, was it important for you to play in this tournament or what brought you back here?
JIM LOGUE: It's always nice to be able to get in. I think that just to play with good players and play on good golf courses like this is a blast. See if you can do it.

Q. Represent your home course and that?
JIM LOGUE: Yeah, it is nice, because it's close to home, because I see a lot of people out here that I know. And they're wishing you well and hoping you play well.

Q. Living that close do you have much experience on this course?
JIM LOGUE: I played here a lot. We played section championships here and we played other tournaments here, but I don't think, I don't think I played the golf course like it's playing today. With the rough up and the greens this hard.
And I played really well for awhile and then I kind of lost it. But no, it's fun. It's a great championship and a great tournament.

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