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May 21, 2009

Tom Kite


Q. Can you run down your birdies real quick?
TOM KITE: Let's see, I birdied 13? 15? I hit a 6-iron to the par-3 about five feet. Made that.
I hit 9-iron on 14 to about three feet. Made that.
And birdied number 3, I hit a sand wedge or L wedge about 15 feet. Made that.
Misclubbed on the next hole. I was right between eight and nine, I hit nine and came up just short. Hit a pretty decent chip shot up there about six feet short and missed the putt. And then 3-putted the last.
On these greens you're going to have to make some 4-, 5-, 6-footers for your 2-putt a lot of times. Just to lag it up there stone dead all the time, you can't do that, especially when they stick the pin at the front of the green and you're putting down this hill, across those slopes, you're just going to have to make a bunch of those 4-, 5-, 6-footers. And I made most of them today.

Q. Still is this a fun golf course?
TOM KITE: Yeah, I mean it makes you think a lot. It's hard work out there. Obviously you look at the layout and you think it's not long, but then you look at the greens and, man, it's just unbelievable. And that's kind of how it is. The greens make up for the lack of length. You can't fall asleep. And the rough is brutal out there. The fairways are bouncing as much as they are, the rough really comes into play.

Q. It looks like you can advance it though.
TOM KITE: Sometimes. Sometimes. Not with a lot of control though. The one thing most of the greens are open in front, so if you drive it in the rough, on those you can sometimes chase it up there. Like Fuzzy and I did on 7.

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