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May 21, 2009

Mike Malaska


Q. Other than two tough holes, pretty satisfied with the round today?
MIKE MALASKA: I played okay. The greens were, you know, I got, I 4-putted the first hole from about 15 feet. I hit two bad drives, both drives I couldn't even move the ball. So but, yeah, I was okay. You always want to play better, but no.

Q. Any surprises on the course today?
MIKE MALASKA: Not really. No, it's very fair. You just have to hit it in the fairway. If you hit it in the rough, it's just a gamble as to what kind of lie you're going to get or if you can move it too far.
So, no, I think the golf course, there are going to be some good scores. If you can keep the ball below the hole, the greens are not, they're not bad at all. So it's some great -- it's in great shape, it's just sitting there.

Q. Is there a best club in the bag?
MIKE MALASKA: Yeah, my rescue, because I had to hit it out of the rough so many times. So that's a good club, that utility, rescue, out of the rough, that's about the only thing that you can advance down the fairway more than about 140 yards, so you miss the fairway, that's a good option. So I used that quite a bit today.

Q. Any adjustments for tomorrow?
MIKE MALASKA: Yeah, I just didn't drive it very well. I didn't keep it in the fairway. That's usually my strong suit and I just didn't drive the ball well and every time I missed a fairway it was tough. And it was a double. But the golf course is very fair. There's nothing out there that's ridiculous.

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