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May 21, 2009

Mark James


Q. One 1-under today, one of the better scores, do you feel like it met your expectations?
MARK JAMES: It was -- I exceeded them. I didn't expect to do that well around here. I don't think it suits my game particularly, it's just a little fiddly in places for me and I'm not a great putter on these type of greens. But the putting was good and then I played pretty solidly until the last couple of holes, I hit poor shots. But, no, I was pleased.

Q. Your threesome so far has been by far the best one. Did you feel like you fed off of each other at all?
MARK JAMES: Well there's an element of that. We all got decent starts so that was nice to know that we were all playing reasonably, we were all hitting it pretty well at the start. But Scott made it look very, very easy. He couldn't have shot more than 66. It was a beautiful round of golf until the last few holes. He was every stroke under par, no question.

Q. 3 birdies and 3 bogeys for you on the lasts 11 holes, is that just something to be said for the course?
MARK JAMES: It's going to happen to you, yeah, the rough is very, very penal. If you're in the rough off the tee you're struggling straight off. It's not as long, but it's just as thick and it doesn't need to be longer than this, it's penalizing. You struggle to hit the ball more than 40 yards.

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