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May 21, 2009

Ross Drummond


Q. 3-over on your first three holes, can you talk about that a little bit?
ROSS DRUMMOND: Started a little bit shittily. I 3-putted my first hole on 10. I made the mistake of being aggressive with my first putt and I hit it three and a half feet past the hole. It was one of these horrible downhill sidewinders. So I 3-putted that.
The 12th hole I was in the fringe and I just short of the green short. I decided to putt it, ran it way past the hole and then 3-putted after that. So putting was very, very dodgy to start with.
But fortunately I got it turned around a little bit and made a couple of good birdies at the two par-5s. And after that I just played nicely. I just played solid from tee to green, I didn't get into any trouble. I don't even think I missed a green. At least not on the front nine. It was just a nice round of golf.

Q. You have one of the better scores early on, do you feel like you're doing anything a little differently than some of the other players so far?
ROSS DRUMMOND: Well this is a new test of golf. The golf course they're playing this week, it's like nothing we play in Europe. So I must admit I'm finding it very difficult when you got to just be very patient. And the first -- I'm driving the ball well, so that's good. If you can hit the fairways you have a better chance of getting it on the green. Because you're not hitting a lot of long iron shots.
So I think that was probably the strength of my game today, my tee shots were very solid. I wasn't getting into any trouble. Then it's just a matter of trying to hit the right spots on the green. And that's very, very difficult. It's just a challenge and it's an experience and I really enjoyed it.

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