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May 20, 2009

Angel Cabrera


GORDON SIMPSON: Well, first thing I think we would all like to do is congratulate Angel on his great victory at Augusta, phenomenal. But also, you've been very successful here, as well, at Wentworth, second twice, and first. What is it about Wentworth that inspires you?
ANGEL CABRERA: I have great memories from here, from Wentworth. I've had a lot of success here, and just seems that this course I like to play, and I enjoy very much playing.
GORDON SIMPSON: And have you enjoyed these last six weeks or so with the green jacket on? Does it change your life and your perspective on life?
ANGEL CABRERA: I think that the green jacket is something that every single golfer wants to have, so I've been enjoying this time the most, having a good time.

Q. Severiano used to say that this course was not just a big hitter's course; you needed touch, you needed virtually to play every club in your bag. Is that one of the reasons that you like playing here?
ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, I think so. You have to play well every single shot here at Wentworth. But basically with all of the changes that they have made to the course, you have to be very good in every single aspect of the game to win here.

Q. How was the reception you received back home in Argentina since the Masters victory, and what changes have there been in your career on the commercial front, as well?
ANGEL CABRERA: Well, the reception was great, because my hometown is a golf town, and so it was a very great reception.
As far as my life, no, it has not changed, and just the same person that has won two majors, and I haven't really changed anything.
On the commercial aspect, my manager should respond, and that's confidential information.

Q. Next year you'll be hosting the champions dinner for the Masters. Are you planning to cook by yourself, because I know that you're a great chef.
ANGEL CABRERA: No -- no, I'm to be cooking, I don't think so, but I will be lucky enough to be choosing the menu and that's it.

Q. How much time did you spend at home since Augusta, and how much golf have you played since Augusta?
ANGEL CABRERA: I haven't been much at home in Córdoba since Augusta. I've been playing a lot lately. I went to America, played a couple of tournaments there, and now I'm here, and so I really didn't take much time off.
GORDON SIMPSON: Daniel Vancsik won two weeks ago in Italy. Do you think your victory has some spin-off he suspect on the other young players coming up?
ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, that's great that Daniel won, and all of these victories from Argentinean players, I hope that they create a spin, as well, on other players and other younger players come and win, as well.

Q. You have won a U.S. Masters and a U.S. Open; is The Open Championship now the great target for you? And also, if you can tell us what your experiences are of Turnberry.
ANGEL CABRERA: Winning majors is just a big thing, and any major to win is important. Of course, the British Open has a special thing that makes it a very big tournament and a very important one.
But all majors are important.

Q. And Turnberry have you played there?
ANGEL CABRERA: No, never played it.
GORDON SIMPSON: What have you heard about Turnberry?
ANGEL CABRERA: It's a British Open course, that's all I heard. (Chuckling).

Q. I heard that you quit smoking last year. Has it affected or improved your golf, or have you quit smoking?
ANGEL CABRERA: No, it doesn't seem to. It hasn't affected my game, no. (Laughter).
It's been already two years since I quit smoking.

Q. Focusing on the tournament this week, I was going to ask you about your pairings with last year's winner, Miguel Angel Jiménez, and also José Maria Olazábal and your views on this year's event.
ANGEL CABRERA: It is great to be teeing off with José Maria and Miguel, close friends, but I just feel like I have a very good relationship with every single player here on Tour, so I don't mind playing whoever I have an opportunity to play with.

Q. You played with Ryo Ishikawa last year. What do you think of him?
ANGEL CABRERA: He is too young. Still a long way to go.

Q. You won at Augusta, despite the fact that in the final round, you had a shank, I think in the middle of the round, and also you hit a tree in the playoff. Still, you won; how can you explain that?
ANGEL CABRERA: I didn't shank the ball. Just the ball went a lot more right than I wanted, but there was a lot of mud on the ball, so that's why the ball went to the right.
On 18, it was a bad shot, yes, I went into the trees and I was able to recover.

Q. I wondered if being U.S. Masters Champion has brought any unusual experiences? Many Masters Champions appear on David Letterman and on U.S. TV; has anything unusual happened to you since the U.S. Masters?
ANGEL CABRERA: No, I really haven't had anything unusual. Didn't go to David Letterman, and everything remained the same.
GORDON SIMPSON: Do you find it easier to handle the attention now, having won a second time, as opposed to two years ago at the U.S. Open?
ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, I think that the experience of having won definitely helps handling better the next one, yes.

Q. I was going to ask you what you remember most about winning the BMW PGA tournament four years ago?
ANGEL CABRERA: Those were great memories, and at that time that was my biggest win, and a very important one, to win here and this course, this tournament at that moment was a huge thing for me. I was very happy and it was the greatest moment of my career at that time.
GORDON SIMPSON: Well, thank you very much for coming in, Angel. Play well this week and maybe another victory. Thank you very much.

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