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May 20, 2009

Eric Staal


Q. It seemed like on the first one, you got the better of them for the most part. Talk about going against them?
ERIC STAAL: It's an important part of the game. As far as match-ups go and controlling the puck. You want to make sure you're winning those face-offs.
He did get the better of me in the first one in the game, and the crowd liked that. But the rest of the game, you know, I did have the advantage on him. But I've got to make sure that keeps getting better as the series goes on. It gets more and more important as the games get bigger.

Q. He got thrown out of the circle a couple of times, huh?
ERIC STAAL: Well, he's cheating that's why. He's got no choice. He's got his stick in the air and his turning his body.
The linesmen know how important face-offs are in the Playoffs and they're going to call it the right way. They did a good job of that in Game 1.

Q. Were you aware of some of his tendencies on that?
ERIC STAAL: Well, I think between me and him we're similar. We're both left-handed. We both have a lot of reach with our big strong guys. It's just a matter of trying to read each other accordingly, and knowing what each other's trying to do and where they're trying to pull it. He's a pretty strong man. For me I've got to be a little bit quicker and try to get underneath him.

Q. Have you ever heard a crowd react to one face-off like that?
ERIC STAAL: No, I kind of figured it was coming, but I didn't get on the right side of it. I blame it on the referee. He dropped it on their side of the red line and didn't really give me a chance. No, that was pretty neat. It was exciting from there.

Q. How many draws do you think you faced? Is?
ERIC STAAL: In Game 1?

Q. Yeah, the Game 1?
ERIC STAAL: Well, I think there were 14 and 8, so probably, we were probably close to 15, 16, 17 draws against each other.

Q. How many do you think you you won?
ERIC STAAL: The majority of them.

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