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May 16, 2009

Zach Johnson


Q. Jeff Maggert was in the group with David Duval.
ZACH JOHNSON: That's what he said.

Q. And he said he really didn't count himself as a fan there at the end.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah. Unfortunately it didn't go this way today, but you just gotta get off to a good rhythm. That was really what started the day.
Obviously we were playing twosomes, but just a good rhythm, good tempo for the day, and I putted well. To shoot that you have to putt well.
I mean you have to make probably three 20-footers, three putts over 15 feet, but also like four and five putters for par or birdie today were really solid. Obviously that's what you gotta do.
I know I played shots. I know I had to get up and down twice for even par. One was really easy and then I made about a five or six-footer, so I hit a lot of greens. I don't think I missed a lot of greens. Really just allowed me to free it up and when I had an opportunity to hit the ball.

Q. You've been in this tournament before where 59 was possible. So since you had that experience before, when did this start feeling like, hey, I got a shot at 59?
ZACH JOHNSON: After I made my putt. 16 certainly is birdie hole if you get the ball in the fairway.
17 is a good par-3, regardless. It's straight down. It's smooth. It's pretty even with an easy club. But once it went in, I'm like, okay, now I got a chance. But I left it a putt short.

Q. I would guess tomorrow in those kind of situations, you could have run it in the dark like that, three or four feet.
ZACH JOHNSON: Exactly. If you're downhill, left-to-right putt it broke probably five feet or so. It was an all-speed based putt. You can make a number of different ways depending on the line you take and how hard you hit it.
In the fairway I had a very uphill lie. It was kind of on the uphill bunker there. So it wasn't like it was an easy shot from the middle of the green. I was trying to give myself a chance.
At that point it was a 6-iron from a flat lie, but I punched 5-irons because of the lie and when you hit a 5-iron on a par 4 you just want to give yourself an opportunity. I gave myself a chance. That's all I can ask for.

Q. Speaking of that, you've given yourself a chance tomorrow, you've got guys behind you that are probably going to make a run at you obviously.
ZACH JOHNSON: No problem. I don't know what second place is or if I'm even continuing in the lead. These guys probably got five?

Q. They got 14 ahead of them.
ZACH JOHNSON: They got 14, which is obviously for birdie hole. And 16, you know, there's a chance I could be one shot back. You never know.
So all Saturday is is a day to put yourself in position, and fortunately I did that.

Q. The horn went off when you were over your putt for par. Can you imagine the horn would go off?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah. I think they were going to probably give me a chance to make my putt and then blow it.

Q. Finishing like this...
ZACH JOHNSON: I teed off at 4:25 and played -- what time is it, 8:45? We played less than four hours.

Q. You shot a 60 in less than four hours. Very economical.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah. It was just that slight gap in the clouds that allowed us to play the last three holes

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