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May 15, 2009

Colin Montgomerie


Q. How important was that round?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, I don't think I've ever missed three cuts in a row in my professional career, so after two missed cuts, very, very important, and amazing that it's gone to 4-under. The weather was good, but the scoring is fantastic out there.
So it's good to score 65 and get up there and not just make the cut, but get into certain mode of contention.

Q. Was there a sense before the week started that it was going to be better?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think so, yeah, because really couldn't get much worse. When you are in the depths of despair like that and having missed two cuts in a row, it can't get much worse. So you have to think positively.
And I was, and my 70 was okay yesterday after being 1-over early on. And playing well today, I've started putting a lot better and the five and 7-footers that were missing are going in and not just going in, but going in at a proper pace and that's very encouraging.

Q. When you said it wouldn't get much worse, were you starting to doubt yourself?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Of course you do, you always do. You're only human and that's what happens.
I'm glad that that's gone now, and then I can look forward not just to the weekend here, but also for next week and on.

Q. You've won three Irish Opens; chance of making it a fourth?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, 9-under, there's 12, I suppose that the lead will be roundabout that this evening. That's a possibility, the weather forecast is not good over the weekend. It's to blow, and it could get very difficult and it's just a matter of being patient over the weekend and see what happens.
I would love to win this again obviously. I would love to win anything again and finish in the top whatever again. I'm just happy to be talking to you having made the cut to be honest with you.

Q. You if you said on Tuesday you would be 9-under how happy would you be?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Looking at the highest cut of the year and 75 is a good score and the weather is reduced and made is very playable, indeed. The fairways being soft and not running into the rough has made it even easier.
So looking forward, if you mind that statement, to some wind tomorrow, and looking forward to playing a true links test again today, because it wasn't today. All links courses need some breeze and need some wind, they all do, even the greatest of them need that, and this is no different.

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