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May 15, 2009

Mathias Gronberg


DOUG MILNE: Mathias, thanks for joining us for a few minutes here at the Valero Texas Open interview room. You're obviously here because you played well today, 5-under par, 65, highlighted by an eagle, two at the par-4, 12. Just a couple comments on the round today and how you're feeling as you get set to head into the weekend.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: I feel very good. I feel very happy with 9-under. It was tough conditions to shoot 5-under par. I'm very happy with it. Obviously got the round going very nicely when I pulled the wedge on the 12. Suddenly you're 2-under instead of being even par, which is not very nice.
I was a little bit up-and-down, made five birdies and that eagle and two bogeys. I had the right club on hole number 7, the par-3, and flew the green into the back bunker and didn't save par there, and then I three-putted eight. Sorry. Six, the par-3, six. I flew the green there. And 7, I three-putted. And 8, I made a very good up-and-down to save par and then rolled in the birdie putt on the last hole from two or three feet. So I'm very happy.
DOUG MILNE: Your best career PGA TOUR finish is tied for third here. What is it about this place that suits your game?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: I don't know. It's a good place for me. Normally certain players just play good in certain places, and this golf course has been very good for me over the years. I've played some good results here.
DOUG MILNE: Okay. Take a few questions.

Q. Speaking of that, a couple years ago you were jousting with Justin Leonard again at the top of the leaderboard, and speaking of places where guys feel comfortable, he just day after day seems to shoot under par. What is it about -- is it because he's so comfortable here?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: I think so. Even Fredrik Jacobson was up there two years ago, too. And it's just when you get out and you're comfortable, you make the birdies, and you see the lines, and roll them in, and make it easy for yourself.

Q. When you're going against a guy like Leonard, you know he's at the top of the leaderboard every time he plays this event. You were here two years ago. Is there any more -- you know he's going to put up a good score. Do you have to kind of take care of your own game or do you feel any pressure that I've really gotta attack the flags with a guy like that?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Well, the thing is, you don't know if he's going to put up a good score. You think he's going to put up a good score, but knowing, it's a tough golf course, and it can get up there and fight you very, very easy.
I think -1 or level par is the cut, and it shows that it's a hard golf course. You gotta go out there and play good golf.

Q. Justin said that he didn't think 9-under would hold as the lead. What do you think?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: I haven't really looked at the other scores. I just looked at myself and saw that Justin was ahead of me, and around there.
So I would think that someone is going to shoot lower than what we have. I had four bogeys in 36 holes, and maybe someone will have a little bit less bogeys and get to maybe 11 or 12-under. But who knows?

Q. Were the conditions any different today, the course firming up at all or anything happening that changed things do you think?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: No. I didn't think so. It played pretty much the same. It was a little bit hotter today in the morning than it was yesterday.

Q. How much compared to a couple years ago when you played in the fall? Is the course different or do you notice anything that's testing you any different than it did a couple years ago?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Yeah. The rough is a little bit less. Shorter rough in the fairways. So it plays maybe tee-to-green a little bit easier, but then it's just a different kind of greens. The greens roll differently, and it's a different golf course.

Q. What club did you use on that eagle?
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Pitching wedge. 123 yards.
DOUG MILNE: Okay. We always appreciate it, Mathias. Thanks for coming in. Good luck on the weekend.

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