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May 14, 2009

John Daly


Q. Thoughts on the conditions?
JOHN DALY: Yeah, it was cold but the wind wasn't so bad, so it played a little easier as you can see by what the scores are doing.

Q. A couple of times on the front nine could have been an even better score.
JOHN DALY: Yeah, I missed quite a few putts on the front but made a cup on the back. It's one of those days that you hope to hit a lot of greens, and if you can make good putts, you can.
Although it was cold and rainy, the course, I played three days, and I don't think I would have broke par because the wind was blowing so hard but today it played a little easier.

Q. The fairways, you weren't hitting too many fairways.
JOHN DALY: I don't know what I was doing on the front. I got more up on the ball and tried to kind of trap it a little bit, cover it a little bit more on the back and I started hitting it a lot straighter.

Q. But you recovered well, you were never in a terrible, bad lie.
JOHN DALY: Yeah, that's kind of the thing about this course, you can miss the fairways a bit, and you can catch a lie. The worst I had was on the first tee on 1, and I hit a 7-iron and got through it.
Other than that, I got pretty lucky and got some good lies.

Q. Are you pleased?
JOHN DALY: Yeah, I am. I mean, because you know, it's a miserable day, but seeing where the scores are, I wish I could have been lower, but I'm glad I birdied 18. I don't feel like I've shot myself out of the tournament by any means.

Q. Coming off last week and the week before, it's still a progression, isn't it?
JOHN DALY: Yeah, I'm getting more and more comfortable with the putter. I feel like I'm hitting my lines. You know, when you do that, you feel like you're doing something right, and I'm hitting the ball solid, I just need to work on the driver a little bit. And my irons were great today and I chipped and putted pretty good.

Q. Playing four or five events in a row is paying off for you?
JOHN DALY: I hope so. So far, so good.

Q. What did you do as far as the birdie on 18?
JOHN DALY: 1-iron -- well, my hybrid, I had a hybrid 1, and my second shot was a 2-iron hybrid and I chipped and made the putt.

Q. How far?
JOHN DALY: Probably around eight feet, ten feet maybe.

Q. Do you prefer tougher conditions?
JOHN DALY: When you're playing decent, you don't care too much about the weather. Today was just a matter of trying to hit a lot of greens, get through it, and if you make some putts, you make some, and if you don't, you don't. .

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