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May 14, 2009

Robert Rock


ROBERT ROCK: It's a bit of a surprise. I didn't play very well but the putter was amazing, really, every putt went in. And I've not had a day like that, ever, I don't think I can remember. Who knows where that came from, but it was good, good fun.

Q. You shouldn't be too surprised given what happened in Italy last week, although chalk and cheese in terms of course and conditions.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it's a bit of a shock, you forget that you've got to come and play in the rain and stuff after a bit because the last few weeks were lovely.
But I played great last week. I struggled on the front nine today and up-and-downed it probably nearly every hole and went out level par, and thought hopefully I'll be able to find a decent shot somewhere and then I actually got it on the greens and started to hole the putts. It was good.

Q. Generally you're pretty relaxed anyway but the confidence from last week, the relaxation with the money situation and the card and stuff like that, we all want spoke about it, should have made it all that easier to tee it up here?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I didn't feel any pressure to do anything really. So I've not been in that position on the Order of Merit in the sort of six or seven years that I've played, or even late on, so to be halfway up through the year is quite nice.

Q. Did it make things a lot different, a lot easier away from the course, as well?
ROBERT ROCK: No, no. Doesn't really make much difference away from it, but you still start the next week level par like everybody else and somebody will find a way of playing a decent round. But it's just -- without that pressure in the back of your mind, maybe on the Fridays or Sundays where you're just trying to churn out an extra few positions and make a few more quid just to make it easy at the end of the year, that might disappear now. Hopefully I'll have a good end of the year as well.

Q. Speaking to the other guys at the top, Paul Lawrie with his record on these courses and Nick Dougherty with Dunhill Links, do you enjoy it?
ROBERT ROCK: I love them. Yeah, playing in the wind, I enjoy doing, but I didn't hit very many shots today that I really liked but it was the putting that got me around. Normally I'll be in position on the course on a links course and hole the odd putt here and there, but today was different. I got to see what that was like where you hole that putts. I was wondering if that would ever happen.
My manager was walking around, and he's never seen me putt like that. For some reason, they all set up on-line and kept going in. I don't know how to explain it but hopefully it's not the only time that ever happens. But at least it happened to me once.

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