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May 14, 2009

Oliver Wilson


Q. Tell me how good that is.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I'm delighted with it. I was a bit frustrated walking off the course, obviously I was 5-under through six or seven holes, so trying to pick one up from there on in was a little frustrating.
But at the same time, I played pretty solid. Missed a few greens, but didn't leave myself with a lot to do. I had one par save from 12 feet and that was it. It was pretty solid all the way around.
And yeah, you know, two days ago, I was thinking, here we go again, I've got to pull out of another one. So delighted, really. Once I get over that last hole, I'll be quite happy with it.

Q. And how close were you to pulling out?
OLIVER WILSON: Well, I came for a practice round Tuesday, and went to the range and hit a couple of wedges. Well, I hit some wedges and worked my way up and as soon as I got 6-iron, I knew I couldn't really play. And I could have forced it out there but it wouldn't have been wise, so didn't bother playing, just worked on my short game. Had some physio and the guys did a good job.
Wednesday played the Pro-Am and it was fine, so it was simple as that. It happened a week ago in the neck. Normally only lasts three days, but it's been a week so I was getting a bit worried about it. It's still there, it's not 100 per cent, but it's not affecting my golf or anything like that, so that's all that matters really.

Q. It's a neck problem that's flared up time and time again?
OLIVER WILSON: I keep being told it's the way I sleep but it's hard to change your sleeping pattern, so that's something I need to work on. I believe Padraig had the same issue. So I'll have a word with him this week and see what he had to do. That's it, really. I've just got to learn to sleep properly but I'm quite active. I like to roll around and get in funky positions and doesn't do my neck too good. I guess that's what happens I suppose when you have different beds and different pillows each week.

Q. I read about this chest problem that you've got, it sounds very troublesome, but hopefully isn't too bad.
OLIVER WILSON: It's just annoying. I've had it since October and I just thought it was tight in the chest from hitting balls and travelling, that kind of thing. So done lots of work with that, and trying to rectify that, lots of massage, trying to loosen it up and none of that's really been much good.
So when it came back on in America quite strongly, I thought, you know, I was getting close to the middle of the season and you know, when you have weeks off, you thought, yeah, I'll be all right. And you start getting closer and I think last week really hit me when I had to pull out of THE PLAYERS.
I was looking forward to that event: It was a good course; I thought everything was good; I had good omens going into the week, and then I had to pull out and I was really annoyed about that.
Obviously went straight home and got a scan, and now we know what it is and can treat it and keep on top of it. But I suppose I should have done it a lot earlier but I tend to be a bit lazy in stuff like that, so lesson learned.

Q. As a young guy on top of his game and really making great strides in this game, is it all the more annoying that you have more than just niggles, all of these problems?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I know, I guess golf putts a lot of strain on your body, especially as much as we play. This is my fifth, sixth year as a pro, and you play a lot of golf, and things do happen.
So you've got to get in good physical shape to be able to keep your body in good shape really so you don't get these injuries, and that's something I'm working on very hard. I've worked on it hard since I've been a pro, but it's a bit stop-and-start, and this year is the first time I've really been full-on, and I want to do -- I'm fully hooked on the fitness stuff at the moment. And I've got some really good information, and so with a little bit of luck, I'll get these two things under control and I'll be fine.
Hopefully I'll not have any injuries and be able to keep on top of it. But it's just one of those sports where you're going to get injuries, you're putting a lot of force through your body and that's what happens.

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