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May 9, 2009

Kevin Na


Q. Your day, what kind of a crazy up-and-down day for you, tell us about that?
KEVIN NA: This golf course can do that to you. Every hole is birdieable, but definitely you can make an X on it. I felt like I played pretty well today. Besides that one hole I made triple on. I know 17 and 18 I did make back-to-back bogeys. But 17 where I was, it was almost imposition -- I felt like I had a great shot to about ten feet, I don't feel I could have done any better.
18 I think I should have hit 3-wood off the tee. I felt pretty confident because my ball was turning over today so I figured I'd aim right there and the ball would turn over, and actually made a good swing and it went straight.
If I was a yard short of where my ball was I would have had a clear shot and that tree was just in in the way. And unfortunately -- but I was actually -- it was a good bogey.

Q. What was your club at 17?
KEVIN NA: It was a wedge. It was 121 yards to the hole.

Q. Sand wedge?
KEVIN NA: I thought about sand wedge. What was it, 116 -- no, no, what is it to the front, do you guys know? I think it's 116 to the front. And it was helping maybe a hair. And I just can't get sand wedge there. If I absolutely kill it and as much as pumped as I was after that eagle, maybe. If I don't catch it at all it's just right under it and in the water, and that's the last thing I wanted to do.

Q. You've just missed by one stroke the playoff in the FBR Open, you've had two second place finishes, that breaking through on this stage, how important is it for you to break through?
KEVIN NA: Well, it is important. And I've been there so many times. I've been disappointed too many times. You know what, tomorrow I'm going to go out there like I don't care. I'm just going to have -- try to have a good time. I was trying to get paired with Tiger, so I could have front row seats to maybe watch him win. But I'm happy with that kind of attitude that, you know what, no big deal. Just like another round. Another round of golf. And maybe that's the key for me to get my first win.

Q. Kevin, there seemed to be some issues out there about the speed of play today. Can you talk a little about what happened out there?
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I think because there was so many people made the cut, I think that's the reason why.
And the second thing is the golf course is playing very tough. Even par today you're passing the world. But I was surprised. I took a long time, because I just knew, because we were going to wait. Every putt I'm looking at the next hole and they're right there, might as well take extra time. I was surprised with the pace of play.

Q. Was your group put on the clock at all?
KEVIN NA: No, we were waiting every hole. We were behind them and just waiting for every shot.

Q. Did it seem to affect your playing partner?
KEVIN NA: Angel? I don't know. I'm out there trying to play my best. We're not going anywhere, so if I want to take another look, I have every right to take another look.

Q. Do you think that's something that should be addressed, the speed of play out here?
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I mean everybody thinks different, but like I said, we were waiting on every shot so there was no point in me hurrying.

Q. Can you talk about your recent injuries, is it shoulder and back?
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I was a little tight. Neck was a little stiff. But I just wanted to be fresh coming into this event, I didn't want to make it any worse.

Q. Was it also your hip?
KEVIN NA: No, it was my quads.

Q. Can I ask you about your caddie, because you've got that veteran caddie on the bag, for someone that's 25 years old, tell me how Kenny helps you?
KEVIN NA: Kenny is a great guy and I get along with him very well. We spend a lot of time on course and off course together. We got along great. He's a great caddie. He knows what he's talking about. I definitely listen to what he's got to say. He's been helpful.

Q. Was it it a bad read on 9?
KEVIN NA: Yes yes, definitely.

Q. His fault?
KEVIN NA: I like him already. It's never my fault -- I'm kidding (laughter.)

Q. He told you --
KEVIN NA: We both had it a cup out, and as soft as I hit it it just broke hard.

Q. Can I ask you one question about turning pro at 17, and we've got Rory coming up and all these teens. In hindsight, it's great where you are now, but is turning pro at that young of age something -- do you still feel good about that decision or what's your thoughts on it?
KEVIN NA: I'll never know, because you can't ever go back and change anything. I've been very fortunate to be where I am. I got on Tour at age 20. I was very fortunate to play the foreign tour before I got out here. And it's tough. At age 17, 18, being a professional golfer, I've been traveling all over the world, I think I had a lot of good people around me. A lot of people giving me good advice. So I think I was very fortunate.

Q. You said you were happy with the way you played with the exception of maybe the triple bogey. How would you describe the rounds, wild, up-and-down?
KEVIN NA: It was wild. I don't know, I tried to play a lot of holes. Some of the holes you've just got to take your medicine center of the green, I tried that. It was just a little off. I wasn't down the middle, the middle of the green. And that's what you need to do out here. I'm going to go work on it on the range and figure it out a little bit.

Q. What have you learned from -- tomorrow obviously you're going into the situation, what have you learned from the opportunities before where you may not have been able to get it done that will help you tomorrow?
KEVIN NA: You've got to drive the ball in the fairway. That's the key. Only Kevin Na can win missing fairways.
I'm not a bomber, so for me to beat these guys I have to drive the ball in the fairway and I have not been doing that.

Q. How did you get to this point, then?
KEVIN NA: I've been putting very well. I'm not saying I'm hitting it in the trees all the time.

Q. I understand.
KEVIN NA: But what I'm saying is I need to hit 12 out of 14 fairways instead of 10. 10 out of 14 fairways is not bad, but I need to hit a couple more fairways.

Q. Do you find the range of emotions you experience on this course are greater than other places? Is that a factor in getting in a score?
KEVIN NA: This course, it's crazy. I love the crowd here. I love the way the finishing holes are, it's just beautiful finishing holes. I think it's just a great test of golf. You've got the greatest players in the world having troubleshooting par on this golf course, it means something. There's a reason why we're shooting over par.

Q. So now Cejka gets the front row seat you're talking about with Tiger, is that a good thing, bad thing?
KEVIN NA: Cejka is a good player, I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out ahead after 18 holes, as tough as it will play tomorrow. Alex has a four-shot lead -- he's got to have three or four, at least --

Q. Five.
KEVIN NA: He birdied the last hole? So it all depends what he shoots, what the winning score is going to be. It's not that hard to shoot a couple over out there, who knows. 9-under might win. Give me 9-under I'll sit in the clubhouse (laughter).

Q. Is he really your neighbor --
KEVIN NA: We kind of live in the area.

Q. What's a safe lead here?
KEVIN NA: Sitting in the clubhouse? Nothing is comfortable. You can have a four-shot lead with two holes to go, and your fellow competitor can finish birdie, par, and you can finish double bogey going to the playoff. You just never know.

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