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May 9, 2009

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: I played really well today as far as mechanically. I hit the ball well, hit a lot of greens. I putted very poorly in the second round as far as my speed was horrendous. I spent a lot of time on the putting green on Friday afternoon, and it's got to be a foot or two slower than the greens on the course. I did a poor job of adjusting. It was my fault, I did a bad job, and I never adjusted, and when your speed is off, it's just hard to make putts. I never got anything on the proper line. I was never on the proper speed. I might have hit it on the right line but the speed was off or got so worried about the speed I couldn't hit it on the line. I was kind of in my head.
And then today I really had the speed down well. I three-putt, I missed everything right around the hole. I missed a bunch of them, missed some birdie putts today that were really disappointing.

Q. How hard is it to get momentum going?
JIM FURYK: I just never got in the hunt today. I had good opportunities on 2 and 3 for birdie, bogeyed 6, and then I had birdie putts at 7 and 8 not go in. I did make one at 9 to get back to even par. I just had a hard time getting that putt to go in and really getting momentum going.
I missed a short one at 4 for birdie. But at the end of the day it went pretty well. I knocked a nice putt in from about three feet at 16. I made bogey at 17; I got a little fooled by the wind. And then nice birdie at 18.

Q. Are the greens starting to bake out a little bit now?
JIM FURYK: They're firmer. They're firmer. They're not unplayable or scary or anything like that when I was playing. Obviously the guys in the afternoon are going to see a little bit tougher golf course than I did. But it wasn't like I walked off there today and thought, oh, boy, these guys are in for it this afternoon. It may turn out that way. But it was very playable. They were firm. They were a little firmer than I saw the first two days, but they were still playable.

Q. Do you ever go for the pin on 17 or do you just try to put it somewhere on the green?
JIM FURYK: You know, today you can get it in there because you can use that hill. The first few rounds, no, I don't try to hit it right next to the pin because when the pin is cut in the back of the green and you land it in the back, it's much firmer toward the back and if you don't stop it then it's going over the green. So I just try to land it just on top of that ridge. If it happens to quick back there, fine; if it happens to stay 50 feet short or 20 feet short, super. Get out of there, and -- with that idea the first two days, I almost made my birdie putt on Thursday and I did make my birdie putt on Friday. I had about a 20-footer and a 15-footer. That's the theory.
Tomorrow everyone is going to just try to get it on top of that plateau. If it happens to catch the ridge and go down toward the pin, great; if it doesn't, you'll have a really quick putt at it.

Q. Is this a fun course to play, or does it just sort of mentally tax you all the way around?
JIM FURYK: I don't know, it's somewhat fun. It's somewhat fun. I think it would be more fun if they cut the rough down a little bit, maybe took some notes from Hilton Head and Wachovia last week. I think the golf course would be a lot more fun then. Right now it's kind of pot luck in the rough. You can hit it where you've got a pretty poor lie and literally four inches of rough, or you can have a perfect lie and hit a 3-wood out of one-inch rough, so it's somewhat pot luck. I'd like to see it all about one inch and let the ball run away from you.

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