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May 7, 2009

Lindsey Wright


JASON TAYLOR: Do you want to go through your score card?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Yes. I'm just trying to remember what I did. Just the birdies?
JASON TAYLOR: Yeah. Just birdies. You started on 10.
JASON TAYLOR: First birdie was No. 14.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: First birdie was 14. Hit a 7-iron over the green about three feet and then chipped in.
JASON TAYLOR: Okay. No. 16.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: 16, I hit a rescue to about 20 feet.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: And then 18 I hit a 9-iron to about 20 feet.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: No. 2, I hit a 5-iron to about five feet. No. 5, I'm trying to remember. No. 5 I hit a 9-iron to two feet, and No. 7 I hit a 5-iron to about 15 feet.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Thank you. All right. Well, thanks for coming in. Great round, missed it at 6-under today. Currently tied for the lead right now in the clubhouse. If you would, just talk a little bit about your day.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Where do I start? I'm trying to remember. It's a blur.
I'm not feeling very well, so that helps. I'm a little off the wall today. Started really well, just kind of -- I guess it's a distraction when you're not feeling 100 percent anyway.
I just kind of went out there and just got the number and hit the numbers. It's the first day with a new caddy as well, so I don't really have high expectations on the round. I knew I could play well and do well, but as far as club selection, it's tough when it's windy anyway.
So coming around 15, through the last few holes on the Back 9, it was tough, and I made some great birdies actually, put myself in a good spot right there, because I had tough holes today. So going into the front nine I was in a good position.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Any questions?

Q. The weather was crazy today. Started off with I guess mist, raining and then sunshine on the Back 9. Just talk about the day.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: I know. I had my rain gear on and off about three times today.
Yeah, it was really gusty at the start of the day. I thought it was going to pour down and it was kind of sprinkling, a little chilly early on. And then probably going into the Back 9 it started to heat up.
It's a great -- it's just an awesome golf course anyway. It's really -- the wind -- once you get around that Back 9, you get to 15, 16, 17, the wind kind of -- it was into left-to-right today, so when you're going into the front nine, that actually helps play the Back 9. I think because it comes off the water, you get an idea where it's coming from.
To play on the front nine, club selection wasn't very difficult as it could have been.
But yeah, it was tough. And it's a little hard, too. I mean even though it's smooth playing in place, if you catch the ball a little heavy, you lose ten yards out there because the front nine it was quite damp on the fairways.

Q. You played so well at Nabisco, right, and then you took a month off. I'm curious, why the month off and then why the caddy change after such a great tournament at Nabisco?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: I know. Actually my caddy at Nabisco had already planned to work for the player he's working for now, Maria Hjorth. So I knew it was inevitable that he was going to work for her at some point. So it came at a good time actually because it gave me time to have a break and get a new caddy.

Q. Who's your new caddy?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Paul Clifford.

Q. Who was the other caddy for you?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Mike Britain. I have to remember that. I know their nicknames really well. (Laughs).

Q. After you got started off and made a couple of those 20-footers, did you kind of forget that you weren't feeling well, kind of settle in a little bit?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Yeah. I mean it just takes a little bit of pressure off, particularly when you -- I mean birdieing 16 and 18, that's two really great birdies there. Two very tough holes today, so that's why I didn't have any eagles. When I made those birdies, I did feel a little bit more relaxed.

Q. What's got you under the weather?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: I don't know. I'm just feeling dodgey today. I just think it's the heat and then coming from Dallas, and it was really hot, and then to come back here, it's a little bit cold. And everyone's suffering. And allergies.

Q. You weren't vacationing in Mexico or anything?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: No. I don't have swine flu. Someone asked me that already.

Q. This extended stretch of tournaments that you've had this year, is this the most prolonged stretch you've had in a while, do you think you're close to good shape for play?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Yeah. I'm all about breaks anyway. I like holidays. It's always good. But coming into this week, like I do really well with three weeks on, a week off and three weeks on. So going into this week I was really -- I'm well prepared for the next leg of the season, the next part.
Like I feel like the first part was finished for me at Nabisco and then I had a decent break going into the second stretch, and then after the British there's a three-week break again. So it does make it easier if you play less, if you do well by playing less tournaments, if that makes any sense.

Q. When you're on holiday, do you practice much or do you just completely --
LINDSEY WRIGHT: A little bit. I work out. I've started a workout program which I attribute to playing well, to be honest. I started it in October last year, and I have a trainer. And since I've been doing that -- I had to because I had some shoulder injuries last year, and that's been just awesome. It's good to feel healthy and strong.

Q. Does that make you more confident?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Yes. Yes. I think it just affects every aspect, I mean mentally, physically, emotionally, just all those things. It really does boost you up a lot.

Q. Did you come close to making bogey today? Did you have any really good saves?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: The last hole probably.

Q. Yeah. That was what, five, six feet?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Four-foot putt. I mean that was probably -- so it was a really -- I hate to say it -- I will say it because it's not every day that you get to say "I had an easy 6-under." You know what I mean? Because then I'll go out tomorrow and it could be a tough -- I could play just as well and shoot even par. I'll take those rounds when you can get them. Everyone has those weeks, those days.

Q. You haven't had anything better than a 69 this season, though, which is kind of shocking that you were looking at a lot of red on your score card.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: I haven't really looked. I didn't really know that. 69. I've been really close. I haven't made a lot of putts. And today I made some great putts, like 20-foot putts. Usually my range is inside 10 feet. So I did a little work on my putting in the four-week break.
That's one of my goals anyway, to try and make more putts, because I feel having played Nabisco, there's a lot of opportunities where I kind of let pass, the last two rounds, or even the whole four rounds of Nabisco, which was disappointing.

Q. Talk about chipping in at 14.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Just a little 52-degree, about two yards and ran it down to the hole.

Q. How long was the chip?

Q. Pin in? Pin out? What did it do?
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Thank you.

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