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May 3, 2009

Lucas Glover


JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Lucas Glover into the interview room here at the Quail Hollow Championship. 1-under par 71 and a runner-up finish for Lucas. Quite a day out there. If we can just get your comments on it, please.
LUCAS GLOVER: It was a heck of a day, a lot of drama. A couple guys went out early and lit it up and kind of posted a number. I think Jonathan and Phil went out and put up 5 and 6 and showed some red early. I think we knew we had to make some birdies and try to get it to 12 or 13, and it turned out that was pretty close.
JOHN BUSH: 11-under par through 16 and then the bogey on 17. Just comment on that, please.
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I said yesterday, that hole eats my lunch. I think I hit an okay shot today, misjudged the wind a little bit. I thought I had a little bit more right to left. But I always hit it over there for that hole every time, and I know you can't get it up-and-down, so I think I made my 4, my par (laughter).
It's a hard hole and I'm a drawer, so you've got to start it right of the green and hope it doesn't cross the flag and take a big hop and go in the soup. Just under the gun I didn't hit the right shot.

Q. What did you hit?
LUCAS GLOVER: It was a 5-iron. I think we had 93 or so front. I don't remember exactly how far the hole was on. But it was the right club. I was dead pin high with my second.

Q. Your approach on 18, was that a little too much club, or did you just have a lot of adrenaline going?
LUCAS GLOVER: I had 151 hole and I was trying to land my ball 142, and I hit a pitching wedge normally 138 yards. That ball flew 153 with a pitching wedge.
I hit it and I was chasing it. I thought it was good, I really did. I thought it was good. It was either wind or adrenaline, probably a little of both.

Q. What kind of positives do you take from the round today? You finished tied for second and you hung in there all day long.
LUCAS GLOVER: Positives for me is with the exception of the majors, World Golf Championships and with the exception of maybe next week, this might be the best field we have all week, and I finished second, one shot out of a playoff. You know, I'm pretty excited about the way I played, not excited about the way it ended up. But believe it or not, I'm usually pretty nervous in the last couple groups on a Sunday, and I didn't give too much away today, so I'm proud of that.

Q. On 17 had you looked at the board? Did you know at that time you were tied?
LUCAS GLOVER: I thought I was one back at the time. I think Sean and I were making bogeys at the same time on 17 and 18 if memory serves correct. I knew I was close.
I wasn't trying to make 2 there, I was trying to make par and then see what happened on 18. It's just not a birdie hole for me. I don't think it's a birdie hole for anybody. I'd like to know how many we had there today. Two maybe. It's a brutal hole. I mean, that hole location, that wind, everything.
I was trying to get it somewhere on the green. I had been putting well, and get it on the green, you never know what can happen. I just didn't pull it off.
JOHN BUSH: Let's go through the card real quick. The birdie on No. 7.
LUCAS GLOVER: Birdie on 7, I hit it in my little garden spot over there in the left rough. I was literally two yards from where I was yesterday. I hit the same club and had a tougher lie so kind of bailed left. I hit a good pitch down there to about eight or nine feet and rolled that one in.
11, bad tee shot, got a great break on 11, went all the way through those trees out into the grass. I thought I was going to be in the pine needles when I was walking down. I had a great break and hit an okay pitching wedge and made about a 25-footer maybe. That one really got things going. I knew right then I had a chance.
Then turned around on the next hole and gave it right back. That's No. 12.

Q. How does this feel going into next week?
LUCAS GLOVER: Good, good. I played good. I putted well, more importantly. I have a lot of trouble putting the greens at Sawgrass. I'm getting my ball started where I want on the greens, so I'm excited to get down there. I'm going to go down there Tuesday night and treat it a little different this time.

Q. Just talk about No. 12. You must have found the only piece of long rough out there this week, didn't you? It looked pretty thick over there.
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, there were a couple holes, left of 4 and right of 12 is kind of the bail-out area, and they left it up, which is fine. You've got to hit it way over there to hit it in it. But I knew when I saw the ball bounce it was over there and I was going to be chipping out. I didn't for an instant think I could get it on the green or near the green when I saw the ball bounce. You know, it was a bad shot. And then I made 5, and I probably deserved it.

Q. Did you hit a good putt at 15?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yes. I had it a ball out, and it started a ball out and broke all the way across the face of the hole. I hit it solid, and I thought I made it when it left, and the ball broke two and a half balls, maybe three, from four and a half, five feet. But yeah, I hit a good putt there.
JOHN BUSH: Lucas, great week. Play well next week at THE PLAYERS.

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