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May 3, 2009

Jonathan Byrd


Q. What was the difference today?
JONATHAN BYRD: I don't know, I wasn't really thinking a whole lot about the day. I've played some mediocre golf, good golf up to this point, haven't really finished off many tournaments well. I've never made the cut here, and then I come down Friday afternoon, and it seems like every year I've got to birdie the last two holes to make the cut, and this year I did, made some good shots.
And then I went out yesterday and played more solid, more free; that's a good word for me. And I didn't try and play so hard. And today I just tried to do the same thing.
The way I played the last two holes on Friday is what I've been trying to do all weekend, and I've really started to putt well. My short game got a lot better today. I got a little session with my brother after the round yesterday for about 30 minutes, started hitting them a little better. He noticed something. It just turned out that I hit it just as good as I normally do, as I have been, as I made some putts, and my short game is great. I made a lot of good saves and kept my round going.
It was tough out there. The greens were firm. We had some breeze, and I just kept hitting good shots.

Q. Your finish on Friday was 8 and 9?
JONATHAN BYRD: 8 and 9, thank goodness it was 8 and 9.

Q. What specifically did George and you work on?
JONATHAN BYRD: Just being a little more aggressive, trying to hit more shots with a little more spin, and then he noticed on some shots where I had maybe a cut lie or not a hook lie, the heel was digging a little bit, which was taking all the spin off of it, so he was like, get your toe down a little bit, hands a little higher, and I just started hitting the ground better. I hit some beautiful chips all day today.
When you make those saves, my caddie was saying yesterday, he's like, nobody is hitting it better than we are. Maybe Zach is. But I'm just not making the saves on the par-5s to get it down for birdie or the things that keep my round going or getting a wedge up-and-down, and that's been the difference. We're not making that key 10-footer for par, and that's really the only thing that's been holding me back.

Q. 15, how close did you get that chip?
JONATHAN BYRD: That was a perfect example was 15. The day before if that ball would not have spun -- what did Phil do on 18? Anybody know? Did he par 18?
That was a perfect example. I hit that up in the face, had the toe down and I nipped it up to about two feet and made birdie.

Q. Talk about just the shorter rough this week. Certainly it set well with you. Did you like the way they set up the golf course?
JONATHAN BYRD: I told Johnny Harris the other day, I love the golf course. We've heard rumors that they're trying to get a major here, which I think this is -- I heard Tiger said something about this place being major championship worthy. You know, I think if this course has rough, it's a major championship course. I think this tournament, I say cut the rough down and get the greens firm and fast and let us kind of shoot at these flags and go for shots out of the trees. I think the course plays just really fun, and you can make a lot of things happen.
I mean, it's a hard golf course, but when the rough is like this, it just kind of eases it up just a little bit. You're not puckered up so much on tee shots and you can just play. I think it makes it a lot more fun.

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