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May 2, 2009

Lucas Glover


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Lucas Glover, thanks for joining us today after a third round 68 here at the Quail Hollow Championship, 9-under par for the tournament, still some players out on the golf course, but you're in great position heading into the final round. Maybe some opening comments about a great day for you.
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I played well, very pleased. Just one mistake on the last. I had a good front nine, hit a nice 4-iron into 7 and made eagle and that kind of got things going. But I had to hang on for a while after that. I started missing some greens. But got up-and-down and then birdied 16 and had a pretty good opportunity to make 4 on the last and didn't do it.

Q. You've had some good rounds here in the past. Is this a place you really look forward to getting to?
LUCAS GLOVER: Absolutely, absolutely. They've got a lot of right-to-left holes out there. That suits my eye, obviously. Yeah, I've had good rounds here, I've had bad ones, but I try to remember the good ones a little more. It's close to the house, so it's a fun week.

Q. Tomorrow when you look at the leaderboard, right now with Tiger up there does it change the way you look at tomorrow?
LUCAS GLOVER: Absolutely. You've got to look at the scoreboard tomorrow because if he gets hot you've got to start shooting at pins. We all know that. He's pretty well known to get off to a good start if he's on the lead or near the lead on Sunday.
Yeah, we'll have to pay attention and try to match it. You know, it's kind of a foregone conclusion it's going to happen early.

Q. We're not seeing as many low scores as we've seen during the week. Has the course changed at all, the setup changed?
LUCAS GLOVER: The greens are just firm. The greens are very firm and it's hard to get the ball close. You know, you have a bunch of 20- and 30-footers out here, you're not charging at them because of the speed of the greens. That being said, your scores aren't going to be as low.
If we get some rain overnight or in the morning, that will change. I think the firmness of the greens lends itself to higher scores more than anything. We play on -- that's the one condition that changes things a lot for us.

Q. Just wondering, you're a sports fan guy. You track numbers and all. When you hear a guy who's got a conversion rate with a 54-hole lead, 40 out of 43 or whatever it's up to now --
LUCAS GLOVER: Is that good? (Laughter.)

Q. Can you even get your hands around that?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, good for him. That's awesome. But who doesn't know that, seriously? We all know that. He's not too bad on the lead or one back or six back or whatever. But it just speaks to his talent and his confidence more than anything. Mentally he's as good as he is physically.

Q. How do you approach it tomorrow assuming you guys are still situated where you are right now starting tomorrow?
LUCAS GLOVER: Well, the right answer is there's 73 other guys playing. The thinking is you've got to beat him to win. That's just --

Q. The reality?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, it is. Sure, you know, it's a good position to be in if one of us can pull it out. He was in the field and he was playing good. That makes it even better. But 40 out of 43, there it goes.

Q. On the last three holes what was the trickiest shot for you?
LUCAS GLOVER: For me personally?

Q. Yes.
LUCAS GLOVER: Serious demons on 17, and I hit my best shot I've hit there in my whole life and had a 50-footer. I live over there to the right in that little thingy, that little bowl. But I hit a nice one, maybe half a club too much and had a 50-footer, but man, I was happy when it actually landed on the green. That was something different.

Q. Brendon de Jonge was talking earlier about how fortunate he thought he was to have a relatively early tee time because he thought the wind changed pretty dramatically for him the last few holes. Did you notice conditions changing very much during the round?
LUCAS GLOVER: The only thing I had to change was -- it actually, and it turns out the reason I hit it long on 17 and I didn't realize it until the fairway on 18 when we got down where we could kind of see some of the flags and the tops of some of the tents that it had turned a little bit. It wasn't as much right-to-left on 17, therefore not as much left to right on 18. That was about it, and I think this front coming in, or whatever it may be, that was the only thing for me.
It was pretty constant all day. I don't think it got up to the speed that was forecasted. I thought it was supposed to be a little bit stiffer, closer to yesterday. But I'd rather play in what we had than yesterday.

Q. When you said that it happened late in your round, one of the things he talked about was literally the wind, both the pace and the direction, would change three times simply in the time he was setting up.
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, it definitely swirls around here. There's so many corners and hollows when you get in and it swirls around in the backs of the trees and it can come back at you and you look at the flag and it's going the other way. I had a lot of that. My caddie and I said, well, it's right to left, flag is going left to right. 13 is a great example of that, up at the green versus the tee, flag was going one way and we were southwest today and that was down off the right on that hole, for instance. I had a lot of that, but you've just got to trust it.

Q. You mentioned the other day that you're kind of a three-round guy.
LUCAS GLOVER: I've got to play tomorrow and see if that trend is gone or not. I'll say I've made less mistakes this week than I have in the past few weeks when I had those three out of four or two out of four or whatever. That's what you try to do, especially on a course like this, limit your mistakes and pick your opportunities and try to go get them. I'm going to try to break the trend tomorrow. We'll see.

Q. You've always been really hard on yourself and judge yourself by a very high standard, sometimes probably to your own detriment maybe. Has it gotten frustrating for you that it's taken a while to get the second one in the books?
LUCAS GLOVER: Sure, absolutely. First one is the toughest and second one is probably the second toughest. They're all hard. You see Tiger has won however many he's won, he looks dead beat tired whenever he finishes. That's because of his concentration and the grind that it really is to win. So yeah.

Q. What are some other courses like this where you've really got to be careful of run-outs on some of these putts?
LUCAS GLOVER: Well, Augusta comes to mind. I've only played there twice, but it's a lot of the same stuff. You hit it 30 feet and very rarely is it uphill right to left. It's up and over, maybe down, whatever. But Memorial, Westchester when they were faster like that just because of the undulations. Man, I guess any of the -- really any of the northeast courses we play and any U.S. Open course. You've got to be careful. The smart shot is 25 feet, and the next smart one is where you want to tap in from.

Q. What did that eagle do for you? You're kind of around and all of a sudden you're there.
LUCAS GLOVER: It's just a confidence boost. You play that hole and the way the wind is and the length, you think if you hit a good tee shot it's probably a par-4, you hit it on the green and two-putt and it's good. You get up to the top and I think I've got 10 or 12 feet for eagle, get this going. When I knocked it in, it didn't get me going, but confidence-wise it did. I said, all right, we're there, let's try to pile on, see how many we can make. But it's just a -- I don't know, maybe one notch above a birdie in terms of enthusiasm.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Lucas, thank you very much.

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