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May 2, 2009

Danny Lee


Q. Every day on TOUR is a new learning experience. What did you learn today?
DANNY LEE: I don't know what I learned today from the last couple holes. I just played awful the last two holes.

Q. I looked at your card and I watched you play a lot today. The first 16 holes, no bogeys on a Saturday on the TOUR. That's good work.
DANNY LEE: No, I was hitting it really good this week and I was putting it really well, too. I learned quite a lot of things from last week and using them well this week. I'm recovering really well, too.

Q. That shot at 17 didn't miss by much. Just enough.
DANNY LEE: No, I think it was just an awful shot I hit. I grabbed 7-iron and I pulled it. It was not even close.

Q. Backing you up to the 12th hole, that was a pretty good shot, a 4-iron under the tree?

Q. Was that a 4-iron?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, I think it was a 4-iron.

Q. It was a good shot. No apprehensions about trying that at that time?
DANNY LEE: I was playing really well and hitting it really well and putting really well, too, and when I hit a bad second shot I'd get up-and-down from everywhere. Just the last two holes really let me down. New start tomorrow.

Q. You were trying to cut a 7-iron on 17?

Q. Did you keep 7-iron in your hand?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, the second hole I had 7-iron, as well.

Q. Were you aware you were leading at one stage?
DANNY LEE: No, not sure.

Q. Anyway, was it exciting to be up there on the leaderboard in your second start?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, that gives me a little pressure, and I never watch the leaderboard. It's a PGA event, and this is my first made cut. I played awesome, but the last two holes, I'm not doing that tomorrow.

Q. Did you look at the leaderboards?
DANNY LEE: Sometimes, but I didn't see my name every time I watched it. It just went forward to the next page.

Q. So you never saw your name up there at all?

Q. So you had no idea where you stood?

Q. Just to get back to 12, did you think you could get to the green with that shot?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, I was going to the green. I'm pretty good under the trees because in New Zealand there are so many trees up there, and I'm kind of used to having low draws, high fades and those kind of shots.

Q. So you never thought about just kicking it out into the fairway?
DANNY LEE: No, not really.

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