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May 2, 2009

Yong-Eun Yang


Q. Great round today. Do you want to just talk a little bit about what got you started and what you thought of your round today?
YONG-EUN YANG: On the first hole I hit my driver to the left and got it on the green, but it was a downhill putt, three-putted that and got a bogey. After that first bogey, I said to myself, you know what, I'm at level par; I can only improve from this point onward. I just comforted myself. I think that's what got it going.

Q. So really you think that bogey might have relaxed you a little bit and got you jump-started?
YONG-EUN YANG: Yeah, that was it.

Q. You got a win at Honda earlier this year. Do you feel your confidence is soaring right now and you're ready to pick up another win?
YONG-EUN YANG: Definitely. I feel like this year compared to last year I'm in a totally different position because having won that, I've secured my card for another two, three years. That in itself is a comfort level because now I can just play my game, not have to worry about anything else, just think about my swing, just take each tournament at a time and just -- I just feel a lot more comfortable right now, and when I'm comfortable I feel like there's going to be a lot of good results.

Q. Can you talk about the conditions that you play in and what you think it'll be like later this afternoon when the leaders are playing?
YONG-EUN YANG: You know, I think the course conditions are definitely going to get tougher, especially the greens are going to get faster. If the wind does pick up a little bit, the greens are going to dry up. The putts are -- once you have a long putt or you putt past the hole, then you have it downhill coming back, and it's just going to have tough conditions for the guys in the afternoon to tee off. I think probably the leader right now is at 9-under, but probably won't go more than 11- or 12-under.

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