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May 1, 2009

Jeff Maggert


About bogey on 17 ...
JEFF MAGGERT: I'm sure it got a few guys today. There's another set of tee boxes on the other side of the green, but for some reason they like to play it where they are. I hit a decent shot off the tee; I hit it exactly where I wanted to (5-iron), about 5 or 6 steps on, but it rolled over the slope. The putt was a slow putt coming up the hill and it was hard to get myself to hit it hard enough. I'll tell you what, a 4 on 17 is not a bad score.
I drove the ball a little suspect today. I'm still just trying to find a good line. The fairways are firm. It's a tough course to hit a lot of fairways. I missed a lot of fairways by just one step or two steps. If they would have had higher rough like they did the last two years, you might have been looking at a 4 or 5-over cut.
Being motivated...
JEFF MAGGERT: After 20 or 25 years of doing something it's just hard to get refocused. I'm not saying that I'm ready to hang up the towel and quit. The hard part are the days when things just don't go perfect and it's easy to sxay, 'oh well, it's not that big a deal.' I'm playing well enough to win now, but the hard part is when you come out and you are playing mediocre. But playing the way I am this week, I'm very highly motivated to play well the next two days. I feel that I have a lot of experience that works in my advantage. Once I get over the hump and put myself in a position like this, I feel well prepared.

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