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May 1, 2009

Robert Karlsson


Q. What were you trying to do?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I was trying to go down with a 6 and hold it up against the wind and just pulled it.

Q. The three finishing -- it's not just that one, but the three finishing holes --

Q. Do you find yourself thinking about them before you get to them?
ROBERT KARLSSON: You try not to. Everybody knows you're going to play 18 holes, four rounds of 18. They're part of it. The more you can sort of just stay in your mind and play your own game and not bother about the future or the past, you have a better chance to do well.

Q. How is it you decided to play here this week?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I love this event. I played here in 2007, and for me this is one of the top events. I just love the golf course. And when I knew I was into TPC, it suits very well to play these two.

Q. How does it work? Do you have to use a sponsor exemption?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yes. It's too complicated. I don't remember, but yeah, I think it was a sponsor exemption.

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