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April 30, 2009

Lucas Glover


JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Lucas Glover into the interview room at the Quail Hollow Championship. Lucas, 4-under par 68. That's a great opening round for you. If we can just get some comments on the day.
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I played well. No bogeys around here, obviously very pleased with that. Only birdied one par-5, so I've got to do a little better on that after going for each of them. But that's the only -- kind of the only dull spot I found.
But pretty pleased. I haven't been getting off to great starts in the last few events, so it's nice to have a good one on Thursday.
JOHN BUSH: Comment on being here in Charlotte, obviously an area of the country that you love and are comfortable in.
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, it's an hour and a half from home, so it's the closest one for me. It's great. I like it. I'm real comfortable here, got a lot of friends, a lot of family, and it's fun. It's a fun week, busy week but a fun week. It kind of slows down Thursday morning. It's good.

Q. Seems like this year you've been really close to some really good finishes. Have you thought about that?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, you know, I'm kind of in that good three-round mode. There's always one in there, a 72 when everybody shoots 68 or 74 or 75 or something. But you know, it's not my putting, which it usually is, so I'm pleased with that. You know, it's a cycle everybody knows.
But I'm just trying to put four together, get a little more consistent with my irons and make some more 10- and 12-footers. I think if I do that and just hit it like I've been hitting it, then I'll be okay.

Q. We've had some conversations about the short rough. Do you like this setup?
LUCAS GLOVER: I don't prefer either way. I think I know what they were trying to do this week, which is get the ball to run more into the trees, more into the tree lines, and to me this golf course, the greens, are similar to Augusta, where the golf course really, really doesn't start until you get to the greens. They want the ball rolling down in those hollows and having these tough up-and-downs, which you're going to have. If you miss the fairway, you can't control your spin. But whereas in years past, deep rough, then you're chipping out and you can spin your wedge shot. I mean, it's give and take both ways.
As a longer hitter I'm not going to hit as many fairways, so it might be to my benefit, but I didn't mind it the other way, either.

Q. One of the things Goose said, the only thing he said actually, was if you have the same setup next year it would be vastly different. Can you see that?

Q. Can you see that?
LUCAS GLOVER: I can, actually. That's an interesting point. I hadn't thought about it until you said it, so I was kind of trying to think about it a little more. Absolutely. It'll be even less control out of two-and-a-half-inch rough. If it was five-inch rough like we've had here in years past, it might be another U.S. Open type deal. So that's an interesting point now that you say it. Yeah, it's a great point.

Q. What was the first fairway you missed today?
LUCAS GLOVER: 11, second hole.

Q. When you got to your ball, was it still kind of something you're not accustomed to, seeing it sitting up?
LUCAS GLOVER: Well, it's unfair because I was in the pine needles up against the grass. But I had one on 8, I had a 65-yard wedge shot that I wasn't super comfortable with. I just tried to hit it through that fairway and then shoot up the green, which I did. I think I had 69 to the hole trying to get a 65-yard wedge shot and hit it so the ball rolled down in the front. I'm not going to do that out of the fairway. It probably was the lie.
There's some uncomfortable stuff out there for sure, but it's not just a chip-out. You know, like I said, it's give and take on that issue for me.

Q. You've had some solid play out here in the past. Is there anything about this golf course that puts you at a certain comfort level other than maybe being kind of close to home?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I can get to most of the par-5s, 10 being the only one I might not be able to if it was into the wind. And there's a lot of right-to-left holes that kind of fit my eye. I'm a natural drawer and I'm just comfortable. I like bent greens; I grew up on slopy, bent greens, so it's close to home and it's kind of like home, too.

Q. I know it's only Thursday, but how different is it that the name at the top of the leaderboard is Tiger?
LUCAS GLOVER: Absolutely. If you want to win you've got to be on top when it's done, and it just got a lot harder since he decided to play good on a Thursday. Hey, it's great for the tournament, it's great for golf. He's the best. That's what everybody wants to see, and if he's playing well there's going to be more people out here. Good for the tournament, good for him, good for us.

Q. What did you do on 5, the par-5?
LUCAS GLOVER: I hit 3-wood off the tee this year. I'm usually a driver guy there, but as firm as the fairways are, no matter how far left or how much of a draw I hit, I can't keep it in that fairway. So it's a perfect 3-wood and a 5-wood. I've hit the fairway with my 3-wood, it's going in that little saddle there, and I hit just an average 5-wood a little short, bad chip, two-putt. That was kind of the status quo on the par-5s for me today.

Q. I was curious about the tee shot because that was kind of a funky tee shot.

Q. I didn't know if because the rough is down guys could stand back there, they used to have a hard time fitting it but now you can wail away.
LUCAS GLOVER: Only issue for me is those trees through. If I get one big bounce and I don't it enough with one big bounce, then I don't know if I can get there at all. I know I can get there if I hit my 3-wood into the fairway. If it's into the wind it's going to catch the downslope and go about the same place. My 5-wood is my favorite long club and I can hit it higher than my 3- or 4-iron, so I'm fine having that in.

Q. Did you hit a lot fewer drivers than you would have in years past?
LUCAS GLOVER: Just No. 4 today. I had virtually the same game plan all day, except for No. 4. Yesterday I hit it through in the pro-am and it was very similar conditions, not a lot of wind, and I hit it all the way through, took one big bounce, firmer fairways, directly behind that big tree on the left. So I got up there today and I hit a great 3-wood on 3, I says, well, lest just hit the same shot, and I hit 7-iron in, so I'm not too unhappy with laying back to a 7-iron, whereas if I hit a good driver I might get a wedge. But that pin is not really a birdie pin anyway.

Q. Just a final stupid question. Do you have a trigger mechanism over the ball?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I'm a one-waggle guy. If I get a little uncomfortable, I might have a couple unfortunately, which I've been fighting a little bit lately. I can't same to get my right foot set. But when that waggle gets back to the ball I usually go. But I don't have a twitch. Some guys talk about they kick their left hip or put their right foot down or something, but usually when that waggle is done, I go.

Q. Always been that way?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, pretty much.
JOHN BUSH: Four birdies, No. 11.
LUCAS GLOVER: Like I said, I hit it through the pine needles and it was right up against the rough, and pitching wedge from about 140 to I think probably 20 feet and made that one uphill. So I had a free run there.
12, I actually hit driver there to -- actually that's the other way. I went the opposite. I usually hit 3-wood there but I've been fading the ball pretty good lately so I hit a fade there and pitching wedge to about five or six inches.
And then 1, driver, had a good wind today to just take it over the bunkers. I've been trying to work it around them. I hit it over them today, had 83 hole to 12 feet and made that one.
And then 7, I hit a good drive, 5-iron actually in the left bunker and then pretty good bunker shot to about four feet past it and then knocked it in coming back.
JOHN BUSH: Keep it going this week. Thank you.

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