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April 26, 2009

Bobby Lewis


DR. BOBBY LEWIS: As you are aware, the car got into the fence here and we had fans injured. There are a total it appears of eight fans that had minor injuries. Nothing is dangerous or life-threatening. Most are bumps, bruises, contusions, possibility of a couple minor fractures, and we will be evaluating those patients further.
We are going to airlift one patient out who has some facial injuries and possibly a broken jaw, and we are going to airlift another patient who is involved for a medical issue and does not appear to be injured at all.
We obviously will update you later as we goat more information. I'll be glad to answer any questions.

Q. What are the names?
DR. BOBBY LEWIS: I don't even know their identities at this point. The reason for the airlift is for traffic. It is not for medical reasons or severities of injuries.

Q. So pieces of the car flew into the stands; is that what caused the injuries?
DR. BOBBY LEWIS: Not sure whether it was pieces of the car or debris from the fence. The fence was damaged and pieces of that were flying, and we cannot identify the source of the injury at this point.

Q. You said there might be a couple fractures, broken arms or legs?
DR. BOBBY LEWIS: Broken extremities. We are still gathering information from the stations in the stands.

Q. The woman being airlifted, that's a cut lip?
DR. BOBBY LEWIS: Broken jaw probably.

Q. Any bad cuts?
DR. BOBBY LEWIS: Just this one with the small laceration on the lip, the same one with the broken jaw.

Q. Others have been treated --
DR. BOBBY LEWIS: They have not been released at this point. They are still being evaluated in the medical centers and some of them possibly would be transferred for further evaluation. We are not sure about this at this point, but we will identify them as available.

Q. Do you have a gender of the other one, any specifics about those?
DR. BOBBY LEWIS: Also a female with medical problems.

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