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April 26, 2009

Peter Lawrie


Q. Tell us about today, how did you that?
PETER LAWRIE: One of those days. Just got used to the weather yesterday. Yesterday was very tough. Today was a little bit easier, and holed a few nice putts today. But played lovely. Hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens and gave myself a lot of chances.

Q. So it is genuinely easier; that breeze isn't anything like a stiff breeze?
PETER LAWRIE: No, it's not as stiff as yesterday. You could play golf today, and just you know, this is what we are used to being out. Unfortunately normally we play on links courses when we get weather that bad.
But very happy with the way I played and with the score today.

Q. Did you end up thinking, 'what might have been?'
PETER LAWRIE: No, not really, no. You can't. You can't do that. Never look back, so always look forward. So 66 around that golf course on a day like today is very good.

Q. And that's actually going to be a tidy finish given the circumstances, isn't it, really.
PETER LAWRIE: Hopefully so. Hopefully the wind maybe gets up a little bit, but you never want to wish bad on anybody, so we'll just wait and see.

Q. Can I just ask you about yesterday, was that fair, or unfair?
PETER LAWRIE: No, no, it was fair. The golf course was playable. I know the ball was oscillating and it moved a little bit, but it was the same for everybody.
I think the course, the way it was set up, it's not that kind of golf course to play in that kind of wind because of the rough, but yeah, it was fair.

Q. A little bit of confidence going into the defence of the title?
PETER LAWRIE: I struggled the last couple of weeks. I missed the cut last week, and I missed the two cuts in Spain and Portugal. Delighted to be here for the weekend because I got up-and-down on last on Friday to make the cut on the mark, so it was a nice way to finish.

Q. A timely return to form then, going into next week?
PETER LAWRIE: Well, the same happened last year to be honest. I missed the cut in Beijing, I finished tied for ninth in Shanghai and I won the next week. The game is coming around, so hopefully see what happens next week.

Q. I know it's a different golf course, so it will be a slightly strange defense, will it?
PETER LAWRIE: It will, because you're not, you know what I mean -- back in Seville was kind of strange; I had won on the golf course where I wasn't the defending champion. It will be a bit strange but I've never been a defending champion before so it is going to be strange no matter what happens.

Q. What did it do for you last year, that victory, in terms of everything, the game, the confidence?
PETER LAWRIE: It gave me a lot of confidence, I have to admit. Funny enough, didn't work too well on the sponsorship side of it but gave me a lot of confidence on the golf course.

Q. In terms of that you belong?
PETER LAWRIE: I've been out here a long time, played Challenge Tour for a good few years. After a while, you think -- start doing the lottery for 40 years; about time you're going to win something. Thankfully I had won last year, so it opens a few doors, you know, especially getting into tournaments and stuff like that. It does boost the confidence.

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