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April 26, 2009

Jeff Sluman

Craig Stadler


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. Jeff, Craig, final round, 61 and an exciting playoff there. You made six birdies on the back to get into it. Maybe just a few general comments about the day. Finished second for the second year in a row.
JEFF SLUMAN: I think if the day started and somebody said we had a chance for a playoff, we would have certainly taken it. Obviously we were a little disappointed. I haven't talked to Craig about it, but I'm sure he was just as disappointed as I am. I hit two bad putts in the playoff, which it is what it is.
We tried as hard as we could, and that's where we ended up.
CRAIG STADLER: Pretty much. That pretty much sums it up. We played well the Back 9. Slu played great the front nine. I played horrible, after birdieing one, and I missed about a four-footer on four, and they told us about it walking down five, my caddie said, I hope that doesn't come back to haunt us. And it kind of did.
But you know, we made a hell of a run on the Back 9. Had a good goal on 16 on 17 and didn't go. And in the playoff I had the same putt as in regulation. I read it short. So I just put it in the same place a little harder, and then third time around hit it a little too hard. There you have it.
It's a good week, great event. Great playoff for TV with the two bombs on top of each other. Unfortunately we're in here first.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Craig, can you talk about that putt you made there, just describe your putt there on the first playoff hole.
CRAIG STADLER: I left it about eight inches short or I would have made it. Bernhard made his. I didn't even have to watch it because I knew what it did, and I put it about three and hit it. The speed I wasn't sure I got there. It was about 10 feet short. I said to Slu, if I hit it, I made it and it got there and went right in. Second time I hit a little putt. Too far away.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: How far do you think it was first time around.
CRAIG STADLER: Probably 45 feet.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. We'll just go to quick questions. Just wait for the mic, if you can.

Q. 45 feet on the day. What about the extra holes?
CRAIG STADLER: I was probably 70. Slu's was probably 50.

Q. What about pars?
CRAIG STADLER: Par putts, two pars. 12 and -- I'm sorry. Four or five. Probably 12, 14. I hit it about from me to you, whatever that is.

Q. Craig, you ever been in a situation where one guy makes about a 35 or 40-footer and you come back and do the same thing?
CRAIG STADLER: We did that in the Skills Competition one day, had a 50-footer. Made it on it top, but in regulation tournament, no. Not exactly ever.

Q. Certainly made for exciting golf.
CRAIG STADLER: Yeah. I'm sure the people here were loving it and people watching on CBS, I'm sure, had a good time, and apparently there was only two birdies made on 18 all day and in the playoffs we see two birdies. So you know.
JEFF SLUMAN: Bombs away.
CRAIG STADLER: That's right.

Q. When you started the day and looked at the leader board, I guess at this time yesterday, did you kind of figure how today was going to go and who was going to take the win? And what do you think of the whole scramble of the pack of teams that could have won it?
CRAIG STADLER: I came out and kind of looked at the board and I thought we need 60 or 59, and turns out I was probably spot on. If we shoot 60, we end up winning by a shot. But that was, in my estimation, the least we could do that had a chance. I didn't venture a guess. I just came out and tried to birdie every hole and see what happens.

Q. You were expected to win last year. Does it feel very different from last year because of the way it turned out?
CRAIG STADLER: Not really. You know, I played better last year. I think Jeff played about the same. He's played well both years.
I played pretty lousy this year, all in all, I would say. Not really. Hit a lot of shots 30 and 35 and 40 feet. So I didn't offer much help on two there, having two from 8, 10, 12 feet.

Q. Do you really relish sudden death or would you rather wrap it up in regulation?
CRAIG STADLER: Well, my playoff record stinks. (Laughs). That's all I know.
JEFF SLUMAN: Mine isn't that bad, but it was a blemish today.
CRAIG STADLER: My playoffs, let's see, I won one, and I lost six on the regular tour, one in Japan and I won here. So you know, the only guy better than that is Crenshaw, he's 0 for life I think.

Q. Lifetime?
CRAIG STADLER: No. One and eight maybe.

Q. You seemed to get the putter going on the Back 9. Did you have any changes?
CRAIG STADLER: They went in. Yeah. They went in. Well, kind of changed on 13. I laid it up there under the rough with a good second shot, and snuggled a wedge in there about 50 feet, and made that, and then I hit a good shot on the next hole and good shot on the par-3. It was a good putt on the par-3. And actually it was a pretty good putt on 17, too. Two putt on 18, but I just kept it too far away from the damn hole.

Q. How long was the birdie putt on 16?
CRAIG STADLER: 15, 16 feet probably.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Anything else? Thanks a lot, guys.

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